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*starts packing suitcase* Well kids, i guess it's time!

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On 10/23/2017 at 0:48 AM, Kenny said:

Sad how no one has faith in me do you want pictures of my Runescape experience i have proof of that at least i am far from having no game knowledge both rs3 and osrs even pre-eoc. I have been playing this game for 2+ years on and off, i here been here thru the good the bad and the ugly shit even if i wasn't a original MBScaper from the viper days, or what ever i have been a part of the community enough to know why high level members quit or get bored of the game and its simply just because too easy and you progress too fast so something needs to be done weather it is well received or not. I fully believe we should be catering to our veteran players and not you casual plebs sorry.

On a real note tho which would you prefer no xp boosts or having to collect/trade another player for your own supplies you tell me guys? whats the better idea. x50 flat exp for everyone (obv not rmm) and you can buy w/e the fk u want out of a shop for a price. or high xp rates and work/ barter for you supplies.

obviously the 2nd one because, ironman btw.

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Never did I see the day when I see you deciding to leave MBScape.

Its been a long time since I’ve spoken to anyone on here but I’m proud of how much you’ve acomplished on MBScape and I’m sure the community appreciates every one bit.

 I still remember when you first joined and seeing how much you’ve evolved over the past years on MBScape just makes it even more special. We shared great memories on here as noobs, as staff members, and as friends. Nobody can thank you enough for how much you’ve contributed to the server.

I wish you best luck on your new company and chapter in life.

~ Brian/First

PS: All these years and you’re still using that sexy profile picture I made for you. 😉

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