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MBS Money Making Guide! [For Newcomers]

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Money Making Guide

If you're a newbie struggling to make ends meet, and looking to make a couple million quickly then you've come to the right place! In this guide I will show you multiple ways to get you a step further in the game. *Note* There is 100 different ways to make easy GP in MBScape - Unfortunately I am not able to cover all of them. 



If you happen to have $5.00 extra to spend, and you want to make a quick 600M - 700M in-game GP go to the Donation Page and purchase yourself a bond.




 I've said this to many Newcomers - Slayer is a great place to start if you're new to the server.  The drops a fairly common and sell for a decent price. *Be Sure To Collect All Of Your Charms*



If you started with Slayer, and made a few million from it then you should have some pretty decent stats at this point. 80+ all Combat Stats. As a Newbie I don't reccomend jumping into something such as Vorago unless you have a partner to help teach you the mechanics first, or have some better gear. You should start with a boss like Kalphite Queen. The Kalphite Queen drops Drygore weaponry (I.e. Drygore Mace, Drygore Longsword, and Drygore Rapier) each weapon sells for 200M - 2B currently. This will be a great way to learn some of the basics of bossing, and if you get lucky you'll make enough money to upgrade your equipment. If you listened to my advice to collect all of your charms, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to get 99 Summoning to use Steel Titan. Steel Titans play a major role in PVM, and will allow you to get faster kills. 


I will continue adding other Money Making methods as I go - but the 3 I've mentioned should be effective enough to get you that extra push. 

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