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Real Man Feedback [Testing]

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So I've been testing the new Real Man mode out quite a bit. If you don't know what Real Man mode is refer to Real Man Mode .  

So far I actually like it, and is far from my first impression when @kenny had pitched the idea. The only thing I've done extensively is Woodcutting/Firemaking - and so far the xp rates are identical to OSRS. Which is nice because it makes achieving a 99 actually worth something, and 120 will feel equivalent to comping on a regular account. I'd also like to add that I like the idea of Combat rates being higher than Skilling rates for the simple fact the server pretty much revolves around PVM. 

A couple things I've suggested to Kenny so far during this testing period is; 

  • Donor/Prestige XP buffs to be removed completely, which includes but not limited to Well Bonus. 
  • Donor benefits such as ;;bank command disabled to Real Man mode.
  • Current donor perks unavailable to Real Man mode players, and a whole new perk system put into place.

I will keep this topic updated as the testing period goes on.. Anything I think should be added/removed/disabled/fixed etc.. I will suggest here, and let you all decide whether or not you agree with it. 


If you have any suggestions for this mode feel free to comment! If you have any questions feel free to ask below. :) 


*Side Note* Any Real Man mode "Beta Testers" accounts will be reset If/When the mode is released into the game. The current Real Man accounts in game is strictly for testing purposes only so that Kenny, Ant0n, and Ryan can get feedback. 

Update - At level 35 Woodcutting and 47 Firemaking, I've achieved the Inferno Adze! :D 


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