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Ryan's Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Incomplete

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Welcome to MBScape! Thanks for choosing to try us out. Let's start with the basics.

MBScape is a 718 Private Server, based around the era of ~2012. We have the old combat system that came along before the Evolution of Combat, which was obviously the preferred choice of the community. Being a heavily PvM focused server, we aim to make you feel like you've achieved something on the game every day you play. 

Getting Started

First thing you'll want to do is make your way to the quest tab, or in our case; the MBScape Portal. Here you will see a few buttons that can direct you to a few things.


Teleport Home - Teleports you back to the home area. This can not be used in the Wilderness.
Teleports - Opens a list of teleports you can choose from.
Achievements - Displays all of the achievements in game.
Boss Log - Opens the boss log, which tracks your boss kills.
Pets - Opens the pets interface.
Patchnotes - A list of the most recent updates.

Now if you plan on doing combat as most do, make your way to the Training Teleports tab. Here you'll see a bunch of the best training options to choose from, since you're probably low level, I would suggest one of two things. You can start early on the slayer skill and speak to Turael at the home area to obtain a low level slayer task. Completing a slayer task will award you with a Note that can be sold to the general store at home for 2 million coins each.



If you want to dive into slayer a bit later. We can take the rock crab route. I would firstly recommend grabbing a rune scimitar and a dragon scimitar from the shops just east of home. You can find the rune scimitar and the dragon scimitar at the Merchant at home.



Now equip your gear and head to rock crabs using the Training Teleports. Train your combat stats to at least 60 in each skill so that you're able to use your dragon scimitar and buy some better gear. This shouldn't take too long and will open up much more of the game for you.


Now that you've gained some levels and have the ability to use better gear, you should make your way to the shops again and purchase some new wear. You should have a little bit of start cash left over from joining to do this. 

Head over to the Merchant again and purchase a rune platebody, helm of neitiznot, dragon dagger (p++), rune/dragon platelegs, and rune boots/climbing boots, and an obsidian cape (optional). You may also want to pick up an anti-dragon shield also while you're here. Next talk to CJ who is right next to the Gear Shop, and purchase a rune defender, you may also purchase a dragon defender from Sedric for 500K. You should also pick up a few super attack and super strength flasks if you feel  you can afford to do so. As long as you are not an ironman, you can purchase an abyssal whip from Sedric's Shady Supplies for around 9M.

So now you have some gear, some decent combat stats and you're ready to get rolling. From this point on, I would highly recommend training your combat stats from here on out with the slayer skill. When you have reached level 50 slayer, you can get tasks from Duradel.

We'll talk about Slayer later, so lets go over some good training spots...


Frost Dragons are a really solid way to your level up your stats while also making a lot of money in the process, or gaining a ton of prayer xp. Frost dragon bones sell for around 500k each to other players wishing to train their Prayer levels. Don't forget anti-fire potions or an anti-dragon shield.


Skeleton Monkies are a really afk means of training your combat stats leisurely. Level 43 Prayer is a requirement for training here though and there aren't any drops from them. But if you are strictly looking for experience, this is the place to go.


Dungeoneering is probably the most popular means of training. We'll cover the skill later in depth, but it's pretty easy to figure out and I would highly recommend this method so that you can earn chaotic weapons for future use.


   Coins  Money Making  Coins


There are countless ways to earn money in MBScape, I'm only going to be covering money making methods for less experienced players and focus less on end-game money making or methods like merchanting.

Skeletal Wyverns


You can find skeletal wyverns on the third page of the training tab. They have a bunch of drops with high alch value and their bones give the same experience as a dragon bone.

Frost Dragons


As I mentioned before, frost dragons are a great money making method. Bones sell for around 500k each and you can gain some great combat experience in the long run. 

Pyramid Plunder


A lesser known money making method, Pyramid Plunder was designed to move the thieving skill away from spam clicking on a stall. You can find the teleport to this minigame in your Skilling Teleports. To start, simply enter the pyramid through the anonymous looking door. Move your way past the spike traps and start looting urns. You can only loot each urn once!

There are four rooms in the pyramid, the first room requiring level 60 thieving, the second needing 70, third 80, and the final room requires 90 thieving to enter. The higher the room you are in, the more experience and gold you receive from looting the urns. Upon looting the gold chest in the center of the room, you will have a chance of receiving the pharaoh's scepter from the chest. In the final room, preforming the ritual on the engraved sarcophagus will grant you a slight chance of receiving the golden scarab, which is an attachment to the pharaoh's scepter which turns it into one of the best magic weapons in the server. A short test estimated Pyramid Plunder at level 90 thieving to be about 60M/hour.

Stringing Bows


If you're already out for fletching experience, fletching and stringing yew and magic longbows can provide a decent bit of cash if you sell them to the general store at home. 

Thieving From Stalls


Stealing from the stalls at home are a decent way of earning some money at low levels, at level 80 you can steal scimitars, and at level 90 you can steal battlestaves. These can be sold to the general store for an easy profit.


Dagannoth Prime Jr. chathead   Bossing    K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. chathead


This is more geared toward the higher level players who have already purchased some decent gear, levelled up their stats and feel like they're ready to take on some powerful bosses. I would recommend 85+ in all combat stats before you start really bossing for money. I'm gonna try to cover as many as I possibly can. We'll start with the lower level bosses and move our way up.

Skeletal Horror

Noteable Drops: Frost dragon bones, Staff of light, Amulet of fury, Abyssal whip (2), Clue scroll casket, Dragon pickaxe

Skeletal Horror

This is probably the easiest boss on the list. You will need at least one muddy key to kill this boss. These can be purchased from the player token shop at home. To access this friendly looking guy, you're gonna want to look for a portal just north-west of the home area near the prayer altar. You will spawn into a cave and you'll need to make your way to the back of that cave and enter the small entrance. Use protect from melee on this boss and bring a few food and prayer potions.



Noteable Drops: Ring of Suffering, Dragonfire shield, Dragon full helm, Coins, Pet Blink, Onyx ring (i)


Blink uses two attack styles, magic and ranged. There's really no way to avoid all damage from this guy. I would recommend protecting range and using range gear with high magic defence bonuses to take this guy down. Your best option on a budget is probably a rune/chaotic crossbow with ruby bolts to deal some heavy hits. Swift gloves will further increase your damage against this boss.



King Black Dragon

Noteable Drops: Noted Dragon bones, Noted black dragonhide, Draconic visage, KBD heads (Slayer helmet recolor), Dragon sq. shield (or), Prince black dragon

King Black Dragon

King Black Dragon is also another easy boss for low levels to take on. When fighting this boss, make sure you have either an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield, or super anti-fire potions to negate the dragon fire damage. 



Noteable Drops: Tyrannical ring, Blood necklace, Doomcore staff, Crystal keys (5), Creeping hand


Bork uses an attack style similar to General Graardor, he has a high hitting melee attack and a random ranged attack that can also hit you fairly high. As long as Bork is not in melee distance of you, he won't be able to attack you. Safespots are allowed on this boss and feel free to use one if you find it.



Chaos Elemental

Noteable Drops: Amulet of fury, Infinity boots, Rune bar (50), Peace elemental

Chaos Elemental

Located in the deep wilderness. Doesn't do much damage at all, but is very dangerous to kill due to it's location. Pretty much any gear setup will take down this boss with ease.




Noteable Drops: Steadfast boots, Ragefire boots, Glaiven boots, Armadyl runes, Pet glacyte


Glacors are a player favorite, you can kill these things with any attack style you'd like and they deal very little damage. If you want to maximize your damage on these things, use a fire cape, kiln cape, or completionists cape.




Noteable Drops: Primal spear (p++), Hourglass, Ring of vigour, Uncut onyx

Sea Troll Queen

The Kraken lies at about 19-20 wilderness. This boss is pretty easy to kill but can be a dangerous spot due to pkers. Your only option here is ranging, so I would recommend ruby bolts and well balanced range setup that you can afford to lose. This boss has very high hitponts, so expect to be killing it for quite some time.



General Graardor

Noteable Drops: Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Bandos boots, Bandos hilt, Private Graardor

General Graardor

To get to bandos, use the godwars dungeon teleport and run north-west toward the door. Pass through (you do not need killcount or a hammer) and make your way to the boss room. I would recommend using melee on this boss with the best defence gear you can afford. Protect from melee since his punches can hit upwards of 600.


K'ril Tsutsaroth

Noteable Drops: Staff of the dead, Zamorak hilt, Zamorakian spear, Treasonous ring, Mini K'ril

K'ril Tsutsaroth

Run straight north when arriving in the god wars dungeon and cross the broken ice bridge to enter the zamorkian area. Make your way to the boss room of K'ril and turn on protect from melee. This boss has a chance of hitting very high and dropping your prayer, so be careful.


Commander Zilyana

Noteable Drops: Saradomin sword, Saradomin hilt, New crystal bow, Commander Miniana

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana can be reached by running south-east from the entrance of the god wars dungeon, climb down the two rocks to reach the entrance to the boss chamber. For this boss I would recommend praying magic since her magic attacks hit 3 at a time and can stack heavy damage. Another option is ranging and running around the room while praying magic so is not able to melee you.



Noteable Drops: Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl chainskirt, Armadyl helmet, Armadyl hilt, Mini Kree'ara


Run straight south in the god wars dungeon and grapple the pillar (no grapple needed) to reach the armadyl area. Run to the boss room and prepare for your fight. You want to be using your best ranging gear with a little bit of tank gear (such as dragonfire shield or verac's skirt) to negate some of that minion damage. Protect from range against this boss. He also has a magic attack that can hit fairly high.


Kalphite Queen

Noteable Drops: Drygore rapier, Drygore longsword, Drygore mace, Dragon chainbody, Kalphite princess, Kalphite head (Slayer helmet recolor)

Kalphite Queen

Kalphite Queen can be accessed by using the PvM Teleports and using a rope on the hole to the entrance. You will only need to use the rope on time and it will stay forever. I would highly recommend using a crush weapon on the first phase of this boss and then ranging the second form. The Kalphite Queen uses a range and magic attack interchangeably so pray whichever your gear reflects.


Dagannoth Kings

Noteable Drops: Berserker ring, Seers ring, Archer ring, Warrior ring (and imbued versions), Seercull, Dagannoth bones (noted), Dagannoth King pets

Dagannoth RexDagannoth PrimeDagannoth Supreme

The Dagannoth Kings are a bit different than most bosses. You can only use a certain combat style on each one. For killing Rex (the gray one) use magic, since he is a melee based boss. For Prime (the blue/red one) use ranged attacks against him. For Supreme (the green one) use melee attacks. I would recommend bringing a friend to help you take less damage in this room. Dagannoth Prime hits the highest so protect mage if he is alive and attacking you.

Tormented Demons

Noteable Drops: Dragon claws, Tormented minion

Tormented Demon

Tormented Demons are one of the more difficult bosses to kill, they fight using all three attack styles and also pray against whichever attack you're trying to use on them. To take down their shield, use a darklight (bought from the odd old man). After about 700 damage, they switch to pray against whichever attack style you were just using against them, so bring at least two different attack styles. This demi-boss is a bit of a challenge to get the hang of but can be very rewarding with the dragon claw drops.


Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

Noteable Drops: Primal battleaxe, Barrelchest anchor, Whip vine, Supreme reverence, Dungeoneering token (20k-100k), Fury ornament kit

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous


Corporeal Beast

Noteable Drops: Divine sigil, Elysian sigil, Arcane sigil, Spectral sigil, Mortality sigil, Ring of the gods, Pet dark core, Corporeal puppy

Corporeal Beast

To do full damage to the Corporeal Beast, you must use a Zamorakian spear, Zamorakian hasta, or a Primal spear, any other weapons will do half damage. Bring your best magic defence gear against this boss and maybe a friend or two. Always pray mage.



Noteable Drops: Torva full helm, Torva platebody, Torva platelegs, Pernix cowl, Pernix body, Pernix chaps, Virtus mask, Virtus robe top, Virtus robe bottoms, Zaryte bow, Nex pet, Ancient Coin (Slayer helmet recolor)

Image result for nex

For a guide on Nex, please refer to Foot's guide here: 


Noteable Drops: Seismic wand, Seismic singularity, Tectonic energy, Rock Fragment (Slayer helmet recolor)




Notable Drops: Trident of the swamp, Scroll of Praise, Primal pickaxe, Primal hatchet, Vecna skull


Image result for nazastarool


Rise of the Six

Noteable Drops: Malevolent energy, Shadow dye, Off-hand shadow longsword, Vengeful kiteshield, Merciless kiteshield, Malevolent kiteshield, Faithful shield, Battered book (pets), Hymn book (Allows you to transform in to any of the barrows brothers)

* Requires "Ant0n's Quest" to be accessed.

Verac the DefiledKaril the TaintedTorag the Corrupted                          Dharok the WretchedAhrim the BlightedGuthan the Infested

For a guide to this boss encounter, watch this video.


    Ice Barrage icon  Switching Spell Books    Vengeance icon


To switch prayer books, you need to make your way to one of the two altars located at the home area. 

For Lunar Magics head west of the home area/spawn point and right click the altar and click the pray option.

3198cd97827441fc9bb0b43a4357e8ef.png   ec71f5cee6fb48358db99de5748bb73a.png

To switch to Ancient Magics, head east of home and click on the altar and click the first option.





Piety  Switching Prayer Books  Turmoil


To switch your prayer book from normal to ancient curses, go east of home and click on the altar of zaros and choose the first option. You will swap to the ancient curses prayer book. 




Dragon scimitar  Shops   Rune platebody


Shops can be accessed via the Merchant at the home area. Just north of the spawn location.




There are a ton of shops to explore and I'll try to cover as many as I can, but we'll stick to the most important ones...


The Player Token Shop is a shop that uses a currency of player tokens instead of coins. Player tokens are earned from killing any NPC in the server and is based on combat level.


The "Others" (or Starter) shop is a pretty useful shop, he sells an assortment of handy items such as low level RFD gloves, teleport jewelry, and a Darklight.


The Potion Shop sells a load of very important potions and herblore supplies, also quite pricey.


The Summoning Shop will sell you most of the supplies you need for Summoning.


The Weapon Shop will sell you all of your early game weapons.


The Armour Shop sells you all your basic gear for training at a mid level, the supplies here are pretty affordable and you may find this shop very useful early in your adventure.


Dimintheis is located right near the teleport of ::edge


The Donator Point Shop is used for people who redeem bonds for donator points. Donations will be covered in another part of this guide. If you do have donator points, be careful, clicking these buttons will automatically purchase the reward.


The Magic Shop will sell you all your magic needs. Pretty self explanatory.

You can also speak to Aubury near the Home GE to buy rune packs.



The Farming Supplies shop will provide you with some of your basic farming needs.


Dungeoneering Rewards are purchased with dungeoneering tokens and are some of the best combat weapons in the server. The imp can be used to loot charms without you having to pick them up yourself, and the bonecrusher will convert and dropped bones into Prayer experience. 


The Woodcuttting and FM Shop will supply the above.


Along w/ the Mining and Smithing Shop.


The Wilderness Token Shop is a shop that takes only the currency used in the wilderness. To purchase an item in this shop you are going to need to earn or buy some wilderness tokens. These can be earned by doing activities in the wilderness such as killing bosses or skilling, they are also a good source of money making.


The Slayer Points Shop is another non-coin currency shop. Instead using slayer points which are earned from completing slayer tasks.


Fire cape detail animated Minigames and Challenges  Void melee helm


If you've maxed your account and have the desire to go even further, completion may be for you. To see a list of requirements, speak to Mr. Ex at home to receive a book containing all of the necessary requirements for obtaining the completionist and trimmed completionist capes.


* This is not for the faint of heart, completion takes quite some time and trimmed completion takes a very long time.

Player Tokens

Player tokens are an untradeable currency gained from killing anything with more than 100 health. These tokens will be automatically banked so you do not need to worry about picking them up. These tokens can be used on a shop at home that contains the following items.


Profound Armour: purely cosmetic.
Auras: also cosmetic, gives the effect of glowing wings.
Dragon defender: an upgraded version of the traditional dragon defender.
Muddy keys: used to fight the Skeletal Horror boss.
Dominion Tower Gloves: require 50 boss kills in the Dominion Tower to wear.

Keris: when fighting kalphites, applies two hits instead of one.
Balmung: when fighting dagannoths, applies two hits instead of one.


White Portal (SAFE FFA Pking)

The white portal can be found just north-east of the home area. Upon entering you will be able to fight other players. Keep in mind, your items are safe here!



Achievements can be accessed in the MBScape portal, they are a set of tasks that range from Easy to Ultimate. The rewards include diary items from tiers 1 through 4. Upon completing the ultimate achievements, you will earn yourself a set of vanguard armour, which have the stats shown below. Elite achievements are required for the completionist cape and ultimate for the trimmed completionist cape.


You will also get the cosmetic divination cape as a reward.

Fight Caves

The fight caves are a 63 wave challenge fight that eventually leads up to fighting TzTok-Jad.

TzTok-Jad chathead   Fire cape detail animated

Upon completing this challenge, you will receive a fire cape. This cape provides the following stat bonuses.



Fight Kiln

The fight kiln is a much more challenging battle than the fight caves. The monsters you face here will be much tougher, but you'll generally be using the same tactics. 

iwq7pf.png   TokHaar-Kal-Ket detail  

The kiln cape is awarded upon completion of this challenge. The one you get from the cave is the melee variant. To swap to the magic or ranged variant, speak to Ga'al outside of the entrance to the fight kiln and buy the desired variant, using your current kiln cape as the shop's currency. You can not trade it back!

With 5 kiln capes, you can purchase the obsidian charm which can be dropped for the Har-Aken pet.


For an in-depth fight kiln guide, check out the link below!

The Inferno

 Infernal max cape equipped                              Infernal cape equipped           


The Inferno is the most challenging PvM encounter in MBScape. Only the best of the best will be able to complete it. If you're one of those few, you will be rewarded with the Infernal Cape, which has the ability to be combined with the max cape and both completionist capes. There are no guides for this encounter. To enter the Inferno, you must sacrifice a kiln cape before entering the area (one time fee). This update was released on August 9th, 2017.



** This guide is not yet complete and is still being worked on!

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Really nice guide that is damn useful for beginners I'd say awesome to see something like this one.

But since I prestiged alot i found out a really good method to get your meele stats up instead of slayer is to go to Dungeoneering straight away. If you have the stamina to go to level 99 you got enough dungeoneering tokens for the weapons and the shields and in addition to that you also have enough player tokens to buy full elite void. This makes a really good and cheap armor to start with. The slayer levels afterwards can be done then alot faster.

But as everyone does it as he prefers I guess.

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(()`  ``)\))),,_
 |     \ ''((\)))),,_          ____
 |6`   |   ''((\())) "-.____.-"    `-.-,
 |    .'\    ''))))'                  \)))
 |   |   `.     ''                     ((((
 \, _)     \/                          |))))
  `'        |                          (((((
            \                  |       ))))))
             `|    |           ,\     /((((((
              |   / `-.______.<  \   |  )))))
              |   |  /         `. \  \  ((((
              |  / \ |           `.\  | (((
              \  | | |             )| |  ))
               | | | |             || |  '

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On 21/02/2017 at 11:50 AM, Dyale said:

Really nice guide that is damn useful for beginners I'd say awesome to see something like this one.

But since I prestiged alot i found out a really good method to get your meele stats up instead of slayer is to go to Dungeoneering straight away. If you have the stamina to go to level 99 you got enough dungeoneering tokens for the weapons and the shields and in addition to that you also have enough player tokens to buy full elite void. This makes a really good and cheap armor to start with. The slayer levels afterwards can be done then alot faster.

But as everyone does it as he prefers I guess.

What I do is I first get 99 mining at dung, then chin 99 range at dung, do 1 glacor task with mage, rest mage I barrsge in dung. 


OT: Really nice guide btw Ryan

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