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green mugg

Staff Feedback - From Green Mug

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Alright there guys....

I happen to find my account keep getting stuck... Then i have to wait like 5 hours for staff to come online and actually help me out....


You have all these staff members yet no one is ever active! I'm not being a Kill joy but maybe you want to demote some poeple and promote others.... E.G. Clarkyy... Clarkyy is always online, he is a Really good nice guy! Never been harsh or nasty to me. Never upset anyone. He's a good chap! He is always online. Which makes it better for your server as at least there is staff active on a more common basis...

Whats the point in having staff if they never come online or evern when they do they are inactive/AFK? Pointless. You wanted feed back here it is.

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I was on to kick stuck accounts about an hour ago, next time you have this issue, consider pming the staff members through the forums :)


Thanks for the feedback.

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