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iron died

more voting sites

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so its been brought to attention that the player base is duying slowly.


one thing we can do to fix this efficiently is by voting on more then 1 site.

instead of just runelocus , increase the basic advertising.








add a voting page and advertisement page to each of these lists , change voting so that you get 1 vote ticket per vote and change vote item prices.

maybe add a few items too since voting for ironman is pointless. maybe add xp lamps that give 100kxp.

thanks for reading

--iron died--

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Agreed about the voting sites. @Ryan it would be beneficial to have us back on some more voting sites, or the server doesn't get recognized.

However, no one will vote for just 1 vote ticket as the reward. && there needs to be a point in saving up vote tickets, etc.. so the vote shop prices are fine.
so I disagree with changing the vote tickets. Changing up the vote shop a little would be nice, but I highly doubt they'll add xp lamps. It would be nice, if they did tho, I don't see the harm in using vote tickets to get a little bit of xp.

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I hope for this server to thrive with new players like myself. all I did was search for an rsps and came upon this but I found 4 which I registered with before finding and sticking with this one. please allow us to vote for more sites. maybe allow others to do youtube videos or contact rsps video makers to promote the server. I would love this server to stay alive for a long time! fingers crossed it isn't going anywhere any time soon!

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