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iron died

skilling for money?

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its very hard to make cash in this server and specially as ironman. this isn't a problem however the only way to make cash is pvm.


can you make it so we can make cash from skilling too? like magic logs are 160gp , they should be closer to 10k to make it more worthwhile.


few other skill items can be updates to , like fletching longbows and bolts , smithing is fine.

maybe crafting too , for instance if an uncut gem is worth 5k it could be worth 6.5k after cutting it?

could also help summoning by making pouches worth a little bit more? not all but the ones that require 95+ summoning?

havnt tested fishing yet but if they are not already , could you add a little price to the raw fish?

and finally to help make money by runecrafting , since it takes 500000 inventories , can you add a sell 'x' button to the gen store? so we can sell 10k+ runes rather then 50 at a time? this will also help with slayer. thanks


--iron died--

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