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MBScape Rules

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If anyone is breaking these rules, please report them to a staff member.

*Please also remember that we do have the ignore list for a reason. Meaning, if someone is just bothering you, add them to your ignore list and you will not see any of their messages or yells*



1. Staff Impersonation 
- Impersonation of any staff member is not allowed and will result in immediate punishment.

2. RWT 
- Any form of trading outside currency from other games or actual currency or services is not allowed. This will result in a permanent ban.

3. Chargebacks 
- As with any RSPS, chargebacks are strictly prohibited. All of your accounts will be perm banned, and you will be immediately IP banned.

4. DDOS'ing/Threats 
- Any sort of DDOS attack or threat is illegal on MBScape and in the real world, don't talk about it, don't do it. Punishments will follow.

5. Hacking 
- We do not tolerate hacking for any reason. This will result in an immediate and permanent IP ban.

6. Scamming 
- False trades or promises is not tolerated in our server. Punishments vary, based on severity.

7. Macros/Bots 
- 3rd party clients/software are not allowed here. You will be immediately jailed.
*This also includes auto clickers and ghost mousing. Strictly prohibited*

8. False Information
- Please be truthful; especially when speaking to, or being questioned by a staff member. Failure to do so, will result in a punishment.

9. AFK Skilling 
- This follows under autoclicking and will result in your account being jailed.

10. Bug Abuse 
- Abusing bugs for personal gain or making training easier is not allowed.
*Please report any bugs to the staff immediately, and do not expose the bug to your friends or any other players*

11. Extreme Toxicity/Harassment
- Harassing a player(s) to the point of making the game uncomfortable, making real life threats, or releasing personal information will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued, and if you proceed to continue, a punishment will be executed.

12. Flame Baiting
- This also falls under toxicity. Please be respectful and do not bait someone into flaming you. This will get you in trouble as well. Punishments vary.

13. Advertising 
- Advertising other servers or websites is not tolerated and will result in immediate punishment.

14. Account Sharing 
- Letting others on your account or giving away your account to another player, is not allowed. (This includes "paid services") Do not let anyone on your account, for any reason. Keep your account safe and secure! 

15. Multi-Logging 
- Multi-logging is allowed.
- If you are the only person in a PvM situation, it is fine to multi-log. However, it is
not allowed if you are crashing other players or trying to gain advantages in PvP situations; such as PK point farming, or piling players in multi zones.
*To sum it up... Please leave the PvM area if you are there on more than one account, and someone else would like to use that public lobby. We have instances for many bosses, that you can make use of*
Multilogging to gain ANY kind of unfair advantage is NOT allowed. in ANY case. PvM, Pk, Skilling, etc. 

16. Spamming 
- You will be warned once when spamming. Failure to comply, will result in a mute.
*Also, if other players are telling you to stop spamming.. they are simply giving you advice, to avoid a mute. It's in your best interest to take that into consideration*

17. Begging
- This also falls under spamming - Repeatedly asking players for donations or items will not be tolerated and will result in a mute.

18. Provoking 
- Do not provoke other players into breaking the rules. This includes tricking them into thinking it is allowed. Punishments vary, based on severity.

19. Multi-Voting 
- Multi-voting is not permitted on MBScape. 

20. Player-Ran Gambling 
- Non-official gambling methods are illegal; such as odd/even, wilderness staking. Please use the methods provided.

Please be sure to follow ALL of our rules! Stay safe, and have fun!

- The MBScape Staff Team

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