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real bawbag

Real Man Road to success! ( plot twist Iron man also ) 0.1 (updated)

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I had a Hcim and dc'd in the rev caves and died " iron bawbag " 

So i asked kenny if he was able to make my RMM " Real BawBag " iron man and my wish got granted Props To kenny.


I'll update this when i feel like i've made some "progress LUL" 


Proof: 67c84d5f55f17e8fedca4f8c6ef4de48.png





Stats - 08/03/2018 - currently working on 55 slayer (broad bolts) 76 fish/80 cook for sharks (food) Eventually finished my prayer pot grind!



Items I've Achieved 08/03/2018 - Currently mass spam killing aviansies For black d'hide body, Unlocked some chaotics/ Bought Donar helm.



Started The barrows grind for all sets on 9/03/2018 - Doing barrows on and off Finished the sets on 13/03/2018 144 Chests - 109m cash made 


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