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Found 2 results

  1. I made a fast teleport and username and password. the only thing you need to do is to change values of 4 spaces for fast login. For using my script you need to have AHK... and compline after changing those values The values you need to change is with yellow and it says what you need to put instead of what is there The script is made to only run on the MBscape windows so you cant use the commands in chrome or other things If you dont need the username - password or dont wanna compile it yourself you can download a compile teleport and fast type here Now the keys CTRL + ½ - teleports to donator zone CTRL + 1 - teleports to home CTRL + 2 - teleports to barrows CTRL + 0 - autofill username and password (keep in mind that you shall not touch anything after or before using this in startup of mbscape) CTRL + q - is for fasttyping ::finditem and then you can type yours ;; scrips for people using normal client #IfWinActive, MBScape ^½:: Send, ::dz Send, {Enter} return ;; Script for home teleport ^1:: Send, ::home Send, {Enter} return ;;teleport you to barrows ^2:: Send, ::barrows Send, {Enter} return ;; Script for username og password ^0:: Send,username Send, {Tab} Send,password Send, {enter} return ;;command for fasttyping finditem ^q:: Send, ::finditem return ;; scrips for people using beta client #IfWinActive, MBScape - Main Game ^½:: Send, ::dz Send, {Enter} return ;; Script for home teleport ^1:: Send, ::home Send, {Enter} return ;;teleport you to barrows ^2:: Send, ::barrows Send, {Enter} return ;; Script for username og password ^0:: Send,username Send, {Tab} Send,password Send, {enter} return ;;command for fasttyping finditem ^q:: Send, ::finditem return If you find anything you wanted to have in the script ask me and ill look into it
  2. Hello! This is a guide to make tasks such as moving mass amounts of gear around with ease to opening your bank(donors) easier. I will only be posting things that are flagged as acceptable with staff as there are a-lot of grey areas. This tool should be used to make small tasks easy, but not in game breaking ways at anytime. Anything illegal will result in a ban, so it isn't worth the risk. Safe download link for AutoHotKey [Part 1 - Understanding AutoHotkey] AutoHotkey allows users to perform many tasks at the press of a keybind. This varies from typing messages to controlling your mouse (Where the Grey Areas come in). AutoHotKey runs off script files (example.ahk). This files contain commands in the same format of a scripting language(lua/jscript/etc.). I would recommend downloading Notepad ++ as it is Notepad but has two pluses, and so much more awesome feautures. The Format of a simple .ahk file looks like this ^b:: ;Starts a new Keybind by first taking the keybind (Control + B) then using :: to signify the end Send, ::b ; Send basically types the letters written after the comma Send, {Enter} ; {Enter} is the enter key return ; Ends the Keybind Now multiple keybinds can be typed into a single .ahk file, but before i show you how to do that I want to teach you a very important thing that comes big into play from programming to scripting to life in general. Now it is easy to messily write things into a file and it will work. But after the file builds it will be hard to tweak and find certain keybinds. So writing things neatly will help for a long time. ^b:: Send, ::b Send, {Enter} return ^h:: Send, ::home Send, {Enter} return Make sure you just leave an adequate space between the objects. [Part 2 - Creating & Running a Keybind File] First step is to create a new file on your desktop. You will want to allow yourself to edit file extensions. You can name the file whatever you like, but make sure the extension(The option we enabled) from .txt to .ahk Now Right Click it and click edit with Notepad ++ (If Installed, if not click edit) Now add your keybinds Now run the Script [Part 3 - Advanced Keybinding tips] So let's say you have a gaming mouse like I do (Logitech G300s) and want to program the buttons into quick commands. Most guides on the internet recommend using xbutton1 but this only takes the first programmable button and isn't very realistic. If your mouse has binding software (Like Mine) it would be worth a try to bind it to a Control Command (As Runescape doesn't take any input from these keybinds to my knowledge). [Part 4 - Keybinds That are legal to use by Staff] This list will be updated as i get approval from staff. Check the Title for when this was last updated to see if new scripts were added ; REMEMBER the characters behind :: are the actual keybind and ^ is the symbol for Control ; all of this can be copied into a file. ;'s start comment lines ; Bank Command ^m:: Send, ::b Send, {Enter} Return ; Home Command ^h:: Send, ::home Send, {Enter} Return ; Set Withdraw/Deposit amount ^r:: Click, right, Mousemove, 0, 95, 0, Rel ;Click, left, Return ; Use the set Withdraw/Deposit amount ^c:: Click, right, Mousemove, 0, 80, 0, Rel Click, left, Mousemove, 0, -80, 0, Rel Return ; Deposit all ^y:: Click, right, Mousemove, 0, 110, 0, rel Click, left, Mousemove, 0, -110, 0, rel Return This guide will probably be changed often so check back for more. I want to play more runescape so i'm taking a break and seeing how many people take this guide and use it for greatness. If you would like to see a keybind made comment it below and ill get staff approval and add it to the list for easy copy and paste.