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  1. Minitoast

    Farewell Mbscape...

  2. Minitoast

    Massive Giveaway!

    gimme gimme
  3. Ant0n not coding for the server? Rip mbscape kappa. Honestly really sad to see you go and I say this alot for the other staff members but you were top notch shit especially with the past updates. Now we're left with Kenny who's ruining server (joke). Stay in touch fam.
  4. Minitoast

    I'm done.

    Sad to see you go. RIP
  5. Minitoast

    Staff Team Feedback

    Owner: Ryan- Still needs to work on talking more, other than that he's ight. Co-Owner: Ant0n- Updates been popping through, most good and rarely any bad. Good job. Admins: Aldrete(X mahatma X)- Missing due to busy IRL, still great admin when he's on. Anubis(Demonic)- Also busy due to a job, quiet but does his job perfectly. Kenny- Active in community, online all the time. Good admin. Moderators: Munchkinxo/Lexi- Don't see her too much on staff account but instead on Ult therefore no one really asks for her help but is great when needed. Rl- Rarely see on, jokes around most of the time. Not too helpful but does get serious at times. Maddie- Very helpful. 10/10 mod. REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Tam- Good mod, not too much to say. Jak- Fresh meat. Active in community, very helpful besides when afking for fming pet I hope he never gets :^).
  6. Minitoast

    Real Man Inferno Cave Boss Fight

    Should become full time youtuber with that thumbnail. 10/10
  7. Minitoast


    Sad to see you leave staff team. Easily one of the most active and friendly staff in the community. See you ig l8er paki.
  8. Minitoast

    Report Abuse (2nd TIME)

    13.) Provoking - Do not provoke other players into breaking our rules doing so will result in a punishment. That is currently the reason for you and High Roller being muted. Flame-baiting Seb after he got demoted and he simply asked an admin to look into. Considering you two are repeat offenders, the mutes seem within reason without a warning given. Aside from the whole "abuse" with the belief that both Justin and Seb were "protecting" Maddie, there are plenty of screenshots of both you and High Roller flaming her on numerous occasions. See below for just some (Don't got any of Dd0s): https://gyazo.com/72cebc6a16e650d2c8c30c71ddbf26f3 https://gyazo.com/71d560542524fa81b396a0b4b94e5e90 With the whole "Nigger" business, there was no abuse in that either and its been dealt with Previously. This whole post is completely false in everyway of "power abuse". Next time bring more proof to the table if you're going to accuse the Admins. Hold this L.
  9. Minitoast

    Anyone down to beat a dead horse?

  10. Minitoast

    Hey guys !

    Really good discussion here, however, you got your information from the huffingtonpost. Hold this L real quick. Anyways, when Dd0s got muted, there was a long conversation going on before that including some of the staff (mainly Seb) who were angry about the use of offensive language that is related to racism. The conversation went on to go with more than just the "er" word but other words that can offend some other racists. Such as people saying "Allahu akbar" and calling out "wetbacks". Eitherways people were warned multiple times and were asked to drop the conversation of anything to do with race. Dd0s was indeed asking a question but he did keep on going.
  11. Minitoast

    Hi! I'm Asamii!

    Welcome to the server!
  12. Minitoast

    Cookie's bruddas

  13. Minitoast

    My resignation

    Resign pussi