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  1. want

    Buying Tbow

    Im offering 6.5B, divine(3B-4B), and a nox bow(1.5B-2B)
  2. want

    Farewell Mbscape...

    As much as it hurts to see the server in this condition... i wish i could keep playing, but the server is a ghost town.. I'm a veteran of the server, played for over 4 years, through system resets, bans, mutes, nerfs, but that never stopped me from playing because it was the best server I've ever played on. I met tons of people, and saw them progress so far and then never heard from them again, which is sad... the community was fun and atmosphere was amazing, but with no active admins, developers and advertisers, the server is in a terrible condition... maybe to a point of no return... To me it wasn't about maxing or being rich or reaching a destination, it was about the journey and the enjoy of playing the game. Just an advise from an old friend, please don't kill off MBscape... 😔 -Want-
  3. want

    Massive Giveaway!

    id like to get something, if I win something and I'm not online, its cuz ill be working... so hold it for me till I log in please <3 luv u ryan :*
  4. want


    yall dont get it, the grammar error is funny lord.. wheres ur sense of humor boii
  5. want


    I'd so love to come back, I've been searching for an alternative servers but cant find anything as good as this. I cant trust the owners from doing a mass reset again after doing one just yesterday and starting all over again... If a roll back happens id be more glad to come back tbh
  6. want


    Hey friends, I've been here playing for the past 2 years on and off on this server, I really enjoyed my time with the boys on here. Progressed a lot, made a lot of friends. played thro 2 resets was hard enough, playing thro a third isn't something I'm looking forward to. thanks for the fun times. Want
  7. want

    Make helms great again!

    no a days helms are garbage when compared with slayer helm (i). To make helm a little relevant, make atleast T90+ helms > Donor helm. This would make helms more valuable and on demand.
  8. Back in the day QBD, Vorago, and ROT were very profitable when the economy was starting to rise, now when it has reached it's peak, everyone has tectonic, sirenic and malevolent gear which now makes the energies and bossing useless. My suggestions are, to make T80 degradable and fix it cash, and make T90 degradable and fix it with energy. Furthermore, make dyed armuor none-degradable, that would make dyes more on demand. Also make T90 weapon degradable and fix with money, and make rcbow degradable then use rcbow parts to fix. With theses updates, QBD, ROT, and Vorago would be worth doing and the economy active. Spanks, Want
  9. want

    Buying Tbow

    tbow is 20b-25b, many players have bought off the store, so there's many ingame
  10. want

    Buying Tbow [new offer]

  11. want

    Buying Tbow