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  1. virus

    Some nice items to add

    I would say yes to the boots, perhaps a t99 upgrade from the dry rapier. And if the defenders were added just balance them out so the shadow drygore offhand is still the best as it is the hardest to get.
  2. virus

    Raids - Gear & Boss Info

    >:) Raids Gear & Boss Info (:< "This is a guide showing you what is needed for a raids run & boss information, what is recommended to kill them and different gear depending on what you can afford" Your basic inventory essentials: your set-up should look like this, the spec weapon is optional, Suffering can be replaced with recoil and if you have suffering you don't need donor ring, If you have vecna's skull add that in. Different gear options: Melee: Armour- Lich king > Malevolent > Torva Boots- Lich > Primal > Steadfast Gloves- Goliath Weapon- Rapier or elder maul Shield- Divine "for all categories" Range: Armour- Sirenic > Pernix Boots- Sirenic > Glaivens Gloves- swift Weapon- twisted bow > Ascension > royal > chaotic Ammo- Onyx (e) 'for healing effect OR Bakrimal bolts for Damage Magic: Armour- Ancestral > Necromancer > Tectonic > Virtus Boots- Ragefire Gloves- spellcaster Weapon- Seismic wand > kodai wand > Armadyl battlestaff Extra- Vecna's skull & Ring of Suffering Tips: If you have a Legendary helm use this over malevolent / torva / tectonic / virtus helms If you prefer more hp over attack power use nex sets instead of T90 sets It is suggested to use full sirenic if you have it for the poison effect Bring your vampirism aura to heal you, this can be bought from a store in the ;;DZ for 200m Red chins help a lot in multi-combat areas such as rammernauts or mysterious shades Puzzle rooms: These are rooms you will encounter before continuing onto the next room in a dungeon, there are 3. First room: all that needs to be done is collect the supplies laid out on the floor. Pick up the knife, tinderbox, hammer, iron bar, mine the coal, search the fire for the book. NEXT use the knife on the book to get a gem, the hammer on the iron bar, the coal on the furnace then add the smithed iron sheet, use the tinderbox on the furnace and finally use the gem from the book on the fire to get the key... that you use on the barrier... whew.. Second room: Drop some brews, take an axe from the crate in the room and simply add the logs you cut from the trees to the fire. this will thaw the frozen man, afterwards speak with him to get the key and carry on. Third room: Speak to the vyrewatch npc, it will give you a hint to what you are suppose to get from the chest. like.. feathers, shrimps, pink skirts, rune knife.. ETC.. your team should help you if you don't know Boss & Monster Encounters: "Raids is (mostly) a randomized dungeon" - Ryan Rammernauts: This is the first monster you encounter when you swing the rope entering the dungeon, tactic is.. pray melee and blast away with magic, if you have chins use them instead! Cliff: This monster must be killed with all 3 styles, range, magic, melee. In that order you must kill him, he will change colors from blue to red to green. Giant Scarab: kill with the keris , when he shoots a purple squiggly thing at you pray mage and a green one pray range. Abberant Spectre Champion: equip either ring of suffering or recoil, Morgans javelins (If you can bring) to start then switch to ONLY Goliath gloves. 1. Throwing 2 morrigan's javelins before switching to ONLY your Goliath gloves, don't worry when it says conventional attacks can not harm this creature. 2. Stand in a DD (death dot) so he does not move around. Kalrag: Kill with either range or magic, stand behind the rock that is in front of him and take turns hitting him. He will switch off you when you hide. Be sure not to hit him when his magic shield is up or you will get hit back the same damage you dealt to him as seen in the picture! Lexicus Runewright: This is the boss before the final one, attack with range. run from the books before B00M, when he uses ice trap on a player, stand in 1 of the 4 corners to save the player. 1. player saved by standing in the corners to absorb the damage equally 2. Player will take all the damage if no one stands in any of the corners 3. RUN from the books!! Warped Gulega: This boss you kill with magic, he will spawn two jadinko's at his side and one small one that will come close to you. Do not worry about these, continue to finish him. A good safe spot is in the corner by the fire! you can take turns hitting him, going in and out to reduce damage. After he spawns his noobs just wreck him Leeuni - Ayuni - Eruni: They attack with different styles, RED is melee (kill with magic), GREEN is range (kill with melee), BLUE is magic (kill with range) As you can see in the picture the green one you attack with melee, red with magic and blue with range. A good tactic to reduce damage is to stand under the green and blue and attack the blue and red as they do not move! Mysterious Shade: These guys come after the room that has either the spectre champion or warped gulega, get your seismic wands out and blast away! You can use safe spots as seen above behind the fire or in the wall where the players are standing, this is so not all of them attack you at once. Soulsplit works best as they hit through prayer quite easily! Also if they are grouped together this is another place to use your red chins if you brought them. Rock Titans.. I'll put in the correct name.. : These guys are very easy, there are 4 of them from very small to VERY large. Equip your best pick-axe and melee gear then swing away! A good tactic as seen in this picture is the first person to agro the monster should run in and out, they are usually to slow to hit him and this keeps your team able to take him down fast. Vanstrom something.. I'll put the correct name in later.. : This is the final raid boss get your best range gear on, after killing him a chest will appear for you to claim your l00ts! The following phases in the order of pictures Phase 1: Whoever enters first is the tank and prays range, the others pray Soulsplit. After about half health he will change to phase 2. Phase 2: He will jump from player to player randomly, if he gets on you pray melee fast then back to Soulsplit after. a shining light on the floor will appear, stand on it or you will get hit serious damage. Phase 3: Shortly after phase 2 he will spread his massive wings and soar above the water, he can randomly disable your prayers. Also he will send a wave of blood tentacles toward you, stand in the gaps if possible. If you're lucky you may just get an awesome reward! Drops & stats: Ancestral Robes The new best in slot magic gear for damage output. You will sacrifice a bit of defense on the other hand. Lich King Armour No description needed.. just look at it.. Kodai Wand Although this wand does not have its own built in spell as the Seismic wand does, you will find it has superior stats. Elder Maul A two handed melee weapon similar to the nox scythe, far better looking & much more powerful. Twisted Bow The twisted bow multiplies your max hit based on your opponents magic offensive bonus. This is capped at 2.5x outside of raids and 3.0x within them. Primal Kiteshield A two handed shield that reduces all damage taken by 50%. Amulet of Torture Necklace of Anguish Other rewards: Dragon claws Skilling supplies Tacks Scroll of praise Thanks to Adom242, Dd0s, UBet, juuzo, bluedrips, lucky blu & seb for all the runs it took to get the pictures! "p.s - If there is any info that needs to be added or updated should things change also if something is wrong please leave a comment on the correction, This is a guide for any player who has not done raids or does not know about it." check out Ryan's main post for pictures and some other info!
  3. virus

    PC Builds

    Brand: Gateway Memory: 64MB MPN: 2000 Processor Type: Intel Pentium Operating System: Windows 95 Storage Type: HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Form Factor: Desktop Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics Hard Drive Capacity: 2GB Processor Speed: 200MHz
  4. virus

    More Dye'd items

    I think it would be awesome if we could dye more items, and different ones that cant be dyed a certain color at the moment! List of items: nox scythe / bow / staff new raid items (some) spirit shields??? :))) seis wand / sing (3a dye) glaiv/stead/ragefire boots & the dominion gloves so your whole set can match also-- blood dyes would be dope.. just saying +1 if you like any of this or if you have any opinions. -vanity
  5. virus


    Ok take sirenic off the list, it was done nicely effect wise and looks.
  6. virus


    they sacrifice some health for damage, but they also take a while to acquire, also know as end game gear. So they should have effects of rewards for getting to the level. sireninc- posion over time? ( slready has) tectonic- magic damge deguff- or small volcane with small damge for 5 secs malevolent- (which btw i would love to have a good set, cuz i h8 legendary helm with this set) effect: +10 acuracy for 25 secs / and str I think these would be great, or relase t92 weps / armour :))) and some sexy cutoms--- but not like gay customs.. ukwim??? cheerrs- vanity wurd
  7. I feel keepsake keys would be a good addition to the game. whatever the method is to get them, they would be useful. for exanple if i wanted to wear malevelant helm or a black phat but wanted the effects of legendary helm, use the keepsake key to change your current worn cosmetic for the slot! and ideas??? --- vanity
  8. virus

    Dye'd Malevolent rework

    The current Dye'd shadow or 3rd-age malevolent sets are not as good looking as the sirenic sets. I feel they need some graphic rework to match the looks the sirenic sets have. I have uploaded 2 images of the malevolent and sirenic so you can compare the differences. Malev sets: https://gyazo.com/bfe78ed1eb014667bd14e6b977f8bf05 Sirenic sets: https://gyazo.com/99616695e1b9ad65b0e4590ec439c76c Thanks to Blitz for the armour comparison!
  9. I'd love to see the t90 sets have some good set effects added to them (I know sirenic has poison, not sure of rest), as they are the final Armour types and take a bit of work to achieve. Also a rework on the look of dyed T90 sets (especially malevolent) right now they don't have too much detailing, and would be cool to have some sort of aura or small amounts of dark / light energy around them to enhance their looks. just some thoughts!
  10. Buying a few shadow dyes Selling sirenic top, heavy ballista, primal spear, primal pick, 3rd age dye Buying: crystal keys 3m ea / muddy keys 1m / clues 10m / sirenic scales 15m IGN: vanity p.m me or post here, thanks
  11. virus

    Prestige Rework

    sounds good
  12. Selling Sirenic set - x1 Shadow dye - x1 3A dye pm me in game (vanity) or reply offer here. cash / bonds Thanks,