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  1. SchoolboyQ

    Yak's Goals & Achievements - 2018 [Ironman BTW]

    Great looking list, best of luck to you!
  2. SchoolboyQ

    Iron Man goal to 2 of every item 50m+

    Best of luck to you! alot of these drops will take hours of grinding, you're in for the long con
  3. SchoolboyQ

    insane final boss

    I really like this idea, it would need some more requirements tho to make it interesting, like the ones iron turok suggested.
  4. SchoolboyQ

    SchoolboyQ MBScape Goals

    I actually updated it again today! Will continue to do so
  5. SchoolboyQ

    SchoolboyQ MBScape Goals

    Whenever I play a game, I like to set myself some goals in order to get through the grind and have a purpose. Luckily this server provides plenty of goals to complete. Since I'm fairly new to the server, I haven't achieved much yet. I will try to keep this post as up to date as possible, mostly as a way to motivate myself to grind for some of the harder goals. The end game goal is: - Trimmed Completionist - 400m all stats - Owning all boss drops, including the tier 90 armour sets in both colors - Complete rare set Progress: Goal in green is complete Goal in red is incomplete Achievements: - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite ( Kill Virtus, Kill Vorago, Kill the Queen Black Dragon, Kill a Soulgazer, Kill the Kraken, Complete the fight kiln, Craft a piece of tier 90 armour ) - Ultimate ( Get a 3rd age item from a clue ) Completionist Requirements: - Obtain 120 Dungeoneering - Complete all elite achievements - Loot the Rise of the Six chest - Loot the Nomad chest - Kill Vorago - Kill Mad Max - Kill Tarn - Kill Queen Black Dragon - 50 Dominion Tower kills - Complete 100 clue scrolls ( 25/100 ) - Complete Fight Caves - Complete Fight Kiln - Purchase an Armadyl Battlestaff - Purchase a Keris - Purchase a Balmung - Purchase a Helmet of Trials - Obtain the Witchdoctor set - Obtain the Agile set - Obtain the Inferno Adze - Obtain the Golden Mining set - Loot the engraved sarcophagus in Pyramid Plunder Trimmed Completionist Requirements: - Prestige 5 Times ( 4/5 ) - Obtain master capes in each skill - 5000 Total Boss Kills ( 1012/5000 ) - Complete all ultimate achievements - Obtain all pets in the pet interface ( Urnan, Creeping Hand, General Graardor, Ninja Monkey (Agility) ) - Obtain the gilded Dragon Pickaxe - Purchase a Necromancer set End game Goals: ( I will probably divide this section into smaller parts so I can color them once I have completed some of the smaller goals ) - Trimmed Completionist - 400m all stats ( edit. Will probably go for more then 5 prestiges after the introduction of skilling pets, so this will be a long way away ) - Owning all boss drops, including the tier 90 armour sets in both colors - Complete rare set EDITED 22/5/17 AFTER A LONG BREAK
  6. SchoolboyQ

    Iron Man Progress (Updating Regularly)

    Great list! goodluck on the drops!