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    Hello everyone, Shawnguy here! I'm a freelancer 3D Modeler for RSPS! I've made quite a few models and I have 1.5 years experience! If you wish to see my models Message my skype and I'll see what I can do for ya! Thanks!

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  1. Hey guys, Shawnguy here. It kind of goes without saying, we need an official bug reporting section. End of story
  2. "normal game content" Lran, you need to stop being so disrespectful towards me, I've done nothing to deserve it. Besides, Runescape retail even adds new items and models and stuff all the fucking time, what on earth makes you think this is out of the normal. It's absurd.
  3. Reply is being weird. Ryan absolutely loves this stuff, I've already been paid half of what I'm owed I need to help him with the custom particles spot and I'll ask for the rest. Just because YOU or a few others don't like this, it doesn't mean anyone else doesn't as well. I've talked with multiple people around the community and the majority of them said that they absolutely loved it. But yeah, next time either Ryan or Ant0n are on next I'll ask them for clarification and screenshot for everyone. Playing the server for like 1 week has nothing to do with the reason why I'm playing it. I'm a Freelancer custom 3D Modeler for 667+ rev RSPS. I'm only playing this server because it's better than all of the other ones I've played yet.
  4. Ryan and Ant0n both confirmed this in game, multiple times.
  5. Shawnguy

    Christmas Penguin

    well it's the 718 model so not sure tbh lol. the white spots maybe ahahaha
  6. Shawnguy

    Christmas Penguin

    Hey guys, Shawnguy here! In the festivities of the end of the year, I've decided to create for everyone a free Christmas Penguin model! I'll be giving this to ryan today. Hope everyone will enjoy this festive little waddler!
  7. you can't buy lich king in wow Regardless of everyone's gripes it will be released in the next month or so with a large update, so instead of whining about it, you could instead vote to see which one you'd prefer to see in game over the others.
  8. Hello there MBScape! Shawnguy here! Before we get into the post I just want to wish everyone a happy hollidays here close to the end of the year! Basicly, just pick one set that you like the best. Only 1 model set will be used in the server so chose wisely! Whatever set Ryan decides to add (prolly darker ones) there will be particles coming from the helm eyes and right shoulder skull eyes. (i added the lighter set in polls knowing it was going to lose, I was more curious if anyone would prefer it) Lighter set Lighter Set (G) Darker Set Darker Set (G)
  9. Shawnguy

    Runecrafting EXP Rate Issue

    That's still quite a tedious process for people without the ;;bank command however.
  10. Shawnguy

    Ice demons+ice arrow shop.

    Very possible, I could easily make these. However the ice texture is beyond me. I can however add particles. Btw, should the orb float or be on the ground when you pick it up?
  11. Hey guys, Shawnguy here. So today I was getting around to runecrafting finally, and I noticed something rather disturbing. Modifiers: Extreme Donor, Prestige 0. (all tests were with 1 full inv of pure ess, Order from lowest to highest lv req.) Air: 14k Fire: 19.6k Chaos: 23.9k Astral: 24,359 (level 40 Req.) Nature: 25.2k Death: 28k Blood: 29.4k (level 77 Req.) This is seriously a bad exp rate. Given I am a Extreme Donator now, it's easier with ;;b. However, there are multiple people with lower donor level status' and this grind to 99 (god forsake master cape) would be approx. 3-7 hours of very, very tedious grinding. I'm not one to complain about skills very often, but this one is an absolute killer. Compared to the EXP rates to ALL of the other skills, this one so far, is by far, the most unfair of all. Either the EXP rate needs to be increased accordingly for each rune set level, or then, the entire set of other skills EXP rates must drop to match. There are no alternatives to this other than the ones just mentioned. God forsake the runespan. Even more BS in my opinion. Previously today, as i was testing out the runespan to see if it was a higher exp rate (which was a far cry from it...), this teleport pad bellow; Sent me off into the middle of nowhere, floating up above no ground or anything. But, I was able to get Blitz to come help. He told me that I was standing there all normal on his screen, but on mine I was far from it. The issue was resolved with a quick relog, but i'm pretty sure the bug will proceed to cause problems with other people, if not myself again. Thank you for taking your time to read this, please don't be rude in the comments. (It's a real shame that I have to ask...)
  12. Shawnguy

    Wilderness PKP farming?

    Tbh, i think pvp teams care more for kdr than they do their fellow players, killing someone with obviously no armour and no items, there to just do agility or what not, is a form of griefing in my book. In my opinion, a suggestion. We could have skillers not count towards people registered in wildy, implementing a check and balance such as no items of value more than say 500k in their inventory. Idk, just my opinion.
  13. Shawnguy

    New Custom Range Gear Player Feedback

    maddie, theres ATON of customs in there already *staff name pun* *no one got it? oh well*
  14. Shawnguy

    Lich king compare

    maybe the fact that its not even fully released yet, you shouldn't critic work that isn't finish, especially in the way that you have here. In all reality, you working with ziva doesn't mean a single thing. Witnessing and Experiencing absolutely two different things. Did it exist before? No it did not. I'm hearing a lot of people hate on it, and yes I'm getting defensive, It's the best set of models I've came up and produced to date. It's like watching a bunch of youtube videos on string theory and telling a physis what to do. It simply doesn't work that way. Yes, I'm looking for feedback, No I'm not looking for "i worked with ziva and this is what to do.." bro. don't compare me to him, I learned from him, but I'm not him.
  15. Shawnguy

    New Custom Range Gear Player Feedback

    constructive feedback +1