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  1. ew trivia no thanks jk ill be there these events look great
  2. Rick

    Forum Update - Ranks

    Sick update, love the crowns
  3. Rick


    Sick update 10/10 cant wait to try
  4. Rick


    1 tbow pls k ty https://gyazo.com/831a836960899b39956b5769593e78a1
  5. Rick

    Wilderness Loot Crate Locations

    for the demonic ruins, wouldn't it be better/faster to teleport to 50s portal and run south then west to get there? but anyways nice guide 7/8. also nice font size.
  6. Rick

    Feeling like an ironman account

    In increase in skilling supplies/charm drops would really nice, even if its a small buff i think it would make new players really aim for max cape instead of putting it off simply because they can't seem to get any charms. yes there are other methods of making collecting charms easier such as the imp and the charms you get from the crystal chest. My suggestion is to perhaps add the other two types of charms to crystal chest so that collecting both crystal keys and muddy keys seems they've gotten a good drop.
  7. Rick

    Massive Giveaway!

    one dragon war hammer please k ty
  8. Best of luck on your company, dad. i hope to see you around
  9. Rick

    Make helms great again!

    i like this. pls make my 3a malevolent helm usable :^)
  10. Rick

    Account information in signature

    ayy awesome! Thanks anton
  11. Rick

    Account information in signature

    prestige is inaccurate tho :/
  12. Rick


    I asked Ryan if he could do something about this like maybe add an NPC to convert your planks like how it works in regular rs but with adjusted prices for our economy. I gave him this suggestion ages ago and he said he had this on his list or something along those lines. I still do hope to see this happen still but who know when he'll have time for this.
  13. Rick

    Pranked (2017) (Gone Right) (In The Wildy)

    Welcome back! but for real tho no one who has ever played Mbscape for a long time can leave that easy. 7/8 prank
  14. Rick

    Goodday all

    Welcome to the server! i like your profile pic