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  1. God Seb

    Raids 2: The Tower of Death

    ill post first loot pic ok
  2. God Seb


    Hey MBScape community, so I've recently attained a large bank and thought I'd give a little back to the players of MBScape. I will be hosting a giveaway similar to the one Ryan had hosted a month ago, but this will be slightly different. To avoid people creating multiple accounts to enter, you will need to have at least 15 hours of in-game time to be able to enter and you will need to provide your in-game name alongside a screenshot of your in-game time. (entries limited to 1 per person) You can download a screenshot software here https://gyazo.com/download?dl=now I will also be giving away some prizes for ironmen so everyone can participate. (4 bonds 2 per ironman winner) As Ryan did, I will be picking the winners on Wednesday at 5pm EST. Any ironmen that enter the giveaway will only be able to receive a bond as a prize. Best of luck everyone!
  3. God Seb

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    Support if we have our armadyl shards refunded
  4. Giving Kenny some competition
  5. God Seb

    Wilderness Loot Crate Locations

    I've seen quite a few people asking for the locations of the wilderness loot crates so I thought I'd make a short topic about how you can find them. (these crates CAN NOT be looted by ironmen) KBD's Lair: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > 44's Portal (level 44 wilderness and multi combat) Mage Bank: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > Mage Bank (level 50 wilderness single combat) Pirate's Hut: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > Mage Bank (level 50 wilderness single combat) Graveyard of Shadows: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > Boneyard (level 15-20 wilderness multi combat) Wilderness Volcano: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > Page 2 > Pond (level 23-37 wilderness multi combat for a bit) Rogue's Castle: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > 50s Portal (level 50 wilderness multi combat) You will need to climb the set of stairs to reach the crate. Red Dragon Isle: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > 44s Portal (level 44 wilderness multi combat) Revenant Caves: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > Revenant Caves (level 24-30 wilderness multi combat) Scorpion Pit: Quest Tab > Teleports > PVP > 50s Portal (level 50-55 wilderness multi combat) I hope you found this topic helpful.
  6. God Seb


    No support
  7. God Seb

    Feeling like an ironman account

    nah this is ironman only server sorry
  8. God Seb

    Massive Giveaway!

    I'll gladly take that Dinh's Bulwark pls.
  9. God Seb

    How can we improve?

    My short response. All recent updates are fine except removing absorb damage from armor. As for why I had quit for a small period of time, I was working a lot. Keep up good work.
  10. God Seb

    Re-Opening the Duel Arena (Poll)

    I myself wouldn't mind if yourself/Ryan allowed the gambling of any item in-game (excluding untradeable items), but it would be a crucial decision.
  11. God Seb

    Re-Opening the Duel Arena (Poll)

    I can support this idea, I feel it will help avoid an outcome where one person obtains a very large bank value taking away from every other player, therefore being able to control the economy. One downside to this idea is that if you reward the player with 2x the exact items they gambled, it could lead to a massive flow of items being introduced to the game, such as TBow's/Divines/Nex sets etc.
  12. God Seb

    Nightmare Zone, Gem Bag, & More!

    Really digging the name "In The Zone", has a nice ring to it. +1 update
  13. God Seb

    All Purpose Combat Ring

    +15 strength bonus is too high, and that ring basically exists, in two forms, ring of suffering and donor ring
  14. God Seb

    Ban appeal.

    There would be no point letting you freely play on another account after having refunded a donation.
  15. God Seb

    Bank Presets/HotKeys

    We already have presets. When standing at least 2 squares near any banker/bank chest, go into your equipment tab and look for the toolbelt and you will be able to access up to 4 presets. https://imgur.com/a/8XZHm this is the icon for the presets