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  1. Whatever


    Could really cut down on the "reeeeee refund reeeee" if you linked the forums to the game
  2. Whatever

    Iron man group bossing?

    irrelevant, ironmen can lootshare.
  3. Whatever


    toxic bitch good 2 see u go jk
  4. Whatever

    Attack animations

    No nothing wrong with soul split @Ryan. It's the animations, they aren't in sync with the game tick of the attack and never have been. aka Nex for example the attack animation is Faster than the actual attack so it's super easy to ss flick because you don't even have to pay attention to the game ticks because nex tells you ahead of time what she's going to do. But with Vorago the animation is so behind that you often have to flick before the animation even starts. Meaning that if you flick mage prayer when the animation is already started it doesn't even matter that you're praying mage the game deals you for full damage as if you're still praying soulsplit which makes it so you have to play a guessing game and flick way ahead of time and hope you got it. Also Vorago maybe a bad example since I'm not even sure what the plan with vorago was since it's attack rotation is completely fucked up. It should Either do a blue bomb or a melee swipe, not both, and it's blues are only supposed to target one person (farthest person out) and special attacks are every 4th attack aka bleeds, 4(3) attacks and reflect, 4(3) attacks and red bomb with non homing blue, etc. On here it's just a barrage of random blues and reds and blues with melee swipes. I'm not sure if his comment was a troll comment or what so I'm going to ignore it.
  5. Whatever

    Attack animations

    I'd like to bring up something that's been bugging me for like four years but I'm usually too high to remember or just cba to actually come on the forum ranting... But why after 4 (5?) years are the npc attack animation not synced with the action (as well as using mage from what I've noticed)? This makes soulsplit flicking a guessing game most of the time or not worth re-learning how to do it on here because then we go back to osrs/rs3 and prayer flicking is based off the action + animation being on the same tick. Can this be addressed instead of adding new broken bosses? (reference to the fact that there is a boss currently in-game that REDUCES YOUR MAGE/RANGE DAMAGE BY LIKE FUCKING 90% AND THEN FAR CASTS YOU FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES) Thanks bye. Ryan is my idol josh #1 rest yal kys andy
  6. Whatever

    Application READ:

  7. Whatever

    plinx report

    ye totally me selling my acc for $15.
  8. Whatever

    guess your elf name :)

    shit post
  9. Whatever

    No Food QBD

    Easiest one so far only took 3 tries. top key prayer flicks kappa. ex dee too bad u can't because the attack animations are broken
  10. Whatever

    Qbd Stuff

    Aight so people are complaining Qbd is too hard so i did a small infomercial thing, howto QBD in shit gear and in good gear. First kills gear: Second kills gear:
  11. Whatever

    Completionist Cape

    No, nerf all the things!
  12. Whatever

    Leaveing for a little

    "a joke" good1 retard aight ye this shit gone too far I'm out too before Seb fuckin cyber attacks me too, not that the lil cunt even knows how to do anything other than spawn, ban and mute in mbscape but whatever. This server was #1 last time I came on to play now it's cancer city because of like 3 things: 1: Bugs 2: Staff inability to Act on things. 3: Seb Ryan and Ant0n are working on #1 and idk where Ryan is hiding but Anty and Josh is working on #2. But EVERYONE is ignoring #3. WTF anyways i'm out peace i'll go comp another acc on RS then come back and see if Seb is banned yet. LATER ,,|,
  13. Whatever


    Hi and stuff i guess. welcome to err... the community