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  1. Kyle

    July 21st, 2018

    Free advertising for Pokemon Go. Even put it before the main point of the post... 😂
  2. Looks good, should be fun! Ill be there
  3. Kyle

    Forum Update - Ranks

    They look good IMO, no need to fit a specific style and theyre neat and nice to look at so. Also, with Lexi in control of the forums im positive they'll fit in even better soon :}
  4. Kyle

    Skilling Outfits & Tools

    Love this! Great colours, very simple, laid out nicely and easy to see what youre looking for. Now we have somewhere to direct people when they ask about skilling outfits! Kyle
  5. Kyle


    Bam Bam Bam enterooni
  6. Kyle

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    Ahh okay never mind splitting them around then xD And yeah lmao I know Giant Mole is a bit bleh, but thats why I said just the hood xD worst piece, worst boss either way, doesnt matter cus only 1 kit xD The only problem with sunfreet atm is he's donator only. If you moved him somewhere for non-donators to access, that would work nicely. Nobody really uses sunfreet either atm
  7. Kyle

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    I like this. Briefly glancing at the stats, itll be mid-level armour like you suggested so it wont de-value higher tier gear. Which is nice. The kits could also be spread around say 3 different bosses that are dead or dying, 3 easier bosses because its only mid level armour. (if you plan on doing 3 different kits, that is.) Tho hood could come from Giant mole, for example. Currently nobody really does mole, unless its for a slayer task. And thats rare to see. As for removing necromancer gear from the Glacor store and trimmed comp requirements... I would actually like to see it remain on there. Its one of the more versatile requirements, that doesnt NEED to be camped at one specific place. You can mix it up a bit where you get the shards from; the original spot at glacors, as a small reward from Nomad which is nice as a bonus while working for Nox, or you can mix it up by going to a wildy boss. Currently also one of the only reasons people kill Behemoth. Sure, theyre 1 guaranteed per kill, but high risk/reward makes it reasonable. Maybe make it something like Subjugation or seasinger. Just some thoughts. Kyle
  8. Regarding the dom tower gloves, the charges do stay with your account rather than the item. Ive used a number of Swift Gloves and every pair has lasted (or at least seemed to) 4 hours per pair, even after re-banking an already used pair. Due to that fact i didnt think to report it myself, but it would be cool to make it a separate item in bank to show theyre degraded.
  9. Kyle

    Artisan perk

    Seeing as this post was made, it doesnt work with the inferno Adze effect either. It would be nice to see it added to that, too.
  10. Kyle

    Feeling like an ironman account

    the rate of charms is a little slow now... could use a small increase. nothing big... but yea.
  11. Kyle

    Massive Giveaway!

    wouldnt mind a piece of this :}
  12. Kyle

    Update Ideas

    Awesome ideas, i love the sound of these. Wouldnt mind seeing them implemented down the line. And by down the line, i mean... Like... now... pronto. asap.... please.
  13. Kyle

    Store Prices/Alch prices/ money making

    I said this during the small discussion ingame so Ill post it here too; the problem doesnt lie so much in the bigger drops. Its the smaller stuff on the side thats the issue. Sure, some of those rares sell for a decent price, but getting there is losing people more money than they make in supply drops a lot of the time. OFC im not saying stuff like Adamant ores and Magic Logs should sell for mills, but the majority of regular drops arent worth a sniff to the store where they should be. On the other topic, Maddie made a good suggestion by adding in small cash generators that can be used to make at least worthwhile profit from bosses without needing to get a big drop. this doesnt have to be raw cash, but the value of items such as ores/bars/logs etc, small resources, are made worth collecting and selling to the store, if not used first, to make some profit after purchasing overloads/brews/restores/rocktails/sharks/summoning supplies, whatever else people take on bossing trips. A good example for me right now is the tectonic energies / sirenic scales from Vorago / QBD respectively. These are a good start for a "steady" moneymaker, however it relies entirely on the demand for it. (similar to a bigger, rare drop, just more consistently dropped). If you gave a little better value to the common drops of bosses (like your ores, logs, whatever (or even their crafted counterparts) it would provide a good balance for income, with the bigger drops still holding a value due to people being able to afford them. (currently I feel people drop the prices of items because the cost isnt worth the time it takes to acquire the money as a buyer) Again, another decent example I can think of for this is jewellery. Gold ores and gems, for the most part dont sell to players, and dont sell to the store for a whole lot either. When crafted into something like bracelets, the bulk sale to the store brings in a small amount of cash. Its not quite up to par of what it could be, but its better than selling the raw ingredients. ^ (A gold bar and a cut emerald sell to the store for 300 and 500gp, respectively. When turned into a bracelet, the total value is now 1525gp). If the price of the bracelet was bumped to something like 5k, this would be a good reason for pvmers to collect and use raw materials instead of ignoring them, and sell on crafted products for a decent, but not overpowered income. Alternatively, they could sell the raw materials to skillers for smaller, but faster, less-effort-required profit, thus creating a market for currently untraded items. (which was also a goal of you guys after the reset; to create a market for skilling supplies as well as big drops). Pretty much summing it up, adding a decent (but not extortionate) store price to base drops from bosses will allow players to make a regular, consistent income, enough to cover supplies and make it worth it, without devaluing (and possibly maintaining a higher price of) Rare boss loots. Sorry for the large post, but I hope my points have been explained well enough and are taken on board for the situation. Kyle