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  1. War

    Forum Update - Ranks

    If you have a suggestion, I'll apply it and you could see the outcome. Thanks @others for kind words, and as for the promoter rank, if it's created I'll get on it ASAP.
  2. War

    Forum Update - Ranks

    It was my pleasure to help, thanks for giving me the opportunity.
  3. You were great to have around and I enjoyed the updates that you and Ryan have brought when I was around before, best of luck with your company && your future endeavors. Hope to still see you around from time to time.
  4. War

    Zip file

    Make sure you have Java installed, get it here if you don't have it already - https://www.java.com/en/ You can check if your .jar files open with Java like this : If not, change and find Java.
  5. War

    Calling Prestiges

    ^ +1 Nice tho lmao
  6. War

    Iron Luke Road to Trimmed Comp

    Good luck, you have some nice achievements already.
  7. War


    If you're going to kick me from a clan I co-owned and help build up, at least remove my name from the post. -War
  8. War

    Dks 101 w/ pro reggierat

    how to kill rex - how to kill prime - contact "reggierat" if u wanna learn -War
  9. War

    Can we get hard mode's?

    Nice video, it would be cool to see but.. ^ rip. -War
  10. War

    Black Screen On Login?

    The guide is good, it contains all of the information I could think of to solve this issue. Good job -War subbed liked n r8d
  11. War

    @ War

    keep it up.
  12. War

    Gem Mine

    Support. It's not just a 99 given out as you said, and to get the most XP I think that ironmen, and even players who don't have ;;bank, would need to run or teleport to bank, and then fletch in the wilderness. Maybe they could add uncut dragonstones, but at a low rate. -War
  13. War

    No food Nomad + Surprise

    Damn, lmfao. Congrats -War
  14. War

    Updates - December 12th, 2016

    Thanks for the updates I can't wait to see how that ballista is. -War
  15. War

    Mandem666 200kc @Corp

    Some nice loot in there, imo. Congrats on it -War