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  1. elchopyew

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    I've been playing over a year can I have veteran rank lol you should know who i am I've been banned more times than any other server lol
  2. elchopyew


    my client will not load
  3. hey man im having issues loading the game


  4. elchopyew

    Unmute elchopyew

    Hey could I get unmuted? the reason I got muted cux like 6 ppl where like kick blitz (including myself) and because he did not ask for the kck so I got muted as an example
  5. elchopyew


    id love to join. I have played rs3 since it's inception however i got bored one day and decided to do a little skit in the dz. So i made a few accounts (with j mod names from the live game) Because it's not against the rules. As you may have guessed i was promptly banned for staff impersonation. Not a regular ban but an IP ban but as the rule states. Staff Impersonation - Impersonation of our staff team is not allowed and will result with immediate punishment. I was banned for no reason so if you could help me get un-banned i could join please talk to the mods in-game and help get me un-banned i could join
  6. elchopyew

    we <3 ant0n

    9.) Staff Impersonation - Impersonation of our staff team is not allowed and will result with immediate punishment. that is exactly what the rule is it says our staff as in the mbscape team. Says nothing about jagex staff
  7. elchopyew

    we <3 ant0n

    Hey Ant0n i was unfairly ip banned for a little skit i did. I checked the rules and it did not break any of them. I was impersonating jagex staff not mbscape staff.nor was i doing anything else against the rules. If i can get this ip ban lifted I will be forever in your debt.
  8. elchopyew

    Account banned appeal

    if you could unban me aswell that would be swell
  9. elchopyew


    bro when i see this it breaks my heart... Please don't break my heart. My achy-breaky heart
  10. elchopyew


    ryan im crying plox un ip ban meh
  11. elchopyew


    I got ip banned for doing a skit with a few jmod names because i was bored as a single parent you often get bored and it was a fun thing to do. I did not harass anyone, nor did i threaten anyone. i used clean language and was even planning to make the jmod names donators. if i could got unbanned i would be grateful as i enjoy playing mbscape. and would enjoy playing in the future