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  1. Ant0n

    torva godsword

    Sounds reasonable. Should be ingame by tomorrow
  2. Ant0n

    Ironman farming shop

    already removed, was not intended.
  3. Ant0n

    ~ Introduction ~

    Welcome to the server!
  4. Ant0n

    Feeling like an ironman account

    I reworked the charm system a bit now to give you more lower tier charms as there was a lack of em, please give us feedback on that. There are many alternatives to training other than buying the gems in a shop, however i agree that some things are quite a grind to get. I believe a reason for this is that the economy is still fairly new and people are still working on getting their own max/5p/10b exps etc so they don't sell of their own supplies. Already got this, was added with inferno and is accessable after you sacrifice a kiln cape. I'll continue looking at this topic tho so feel free to keep suggesting changes Here is how charms currently work: @Kenny pulling numbers out of his ass as usual <3
  5. Ant0n

    Massive Giveaway!

    Rerolled unclaimed prizes gz @Supra & @Junez! We'll give em 3 days to claim their prize before we roll again.
  6. Ant0n

    How can we improve?

    Regarding nmz, let me note the best way to get points is not being afk, however afking is an option
  7. Ant0n

    Store Prices/Alch prices/ money making

    This is already kind of the case, and personally i feel like it causes more problems than it solves being able to sell everything like this https://i.gyazo.com/8718b292c357f78eb4c4b2f79626eaa2.mp4 I'm down to change it if people feel like we should but you will suddenly find out that you will never be able to buy a "mid tier" pvm drop again.
  8. Ant0n

    Raids feedback & further scaling.

    To follow up on that, the only reason it was blocked was because when we first designed raids it didn't matter how good you did for the reward, so people started using alts to just get more rewards, so it was blocked to prevent that but on the new system your points actually matters for rewards so you aren't going to be getting 10 drops and 50m worth of supplies if you bring 50 accs
  9. This is going to be a post where you can comment feedback, things you think is done right and things you think needs changing. Keep it civil in comments please. Today i'v tried changing the scaling up a bit to make the raids a bit harder for bigger teams and a bit easier for smaller ones, this ofc means that the bigger groups will be looking at a bigger point yield aswell, i'm not sure how this is going to playout in-game so i'd love to see yall run through some extra raids in the upcomming few days
  10. Ant0n

    Raids Changes

    It's been roughly one year since we first released raids, it's been a very popular activity which a lot of people enjoy doing, but it certainly had some flaws on release. We've decided to give it another go now that we have gained experience and we hope you will find these updates convenient! Added a point system Your loot is now based on the points you have at the end. So the more you contribute to the raid the better your reward will be! With this being said, we have also removed the block against taking multiple accounts into the same raid as your reward will be based on your contribution and you benefit very little from leeching. Loot system breakdown Once you finish the raid you get two rolls at a rare drop based on your teams total points. If you manage to land on a rare drop, it rolls for who it should give it to. Here is where your personal points come into play, the more points you have the higher chance it is that you will be the one recieveing the drop. After this is done you will recieve two rolls on the common droptable, and drop amounts will be depending on your personal points. Scaling Monsters found within raids now have scaled hitpoints and damage to the size of the team going through the raid. Shortcut Getting back to the boss fight after you die was very time consuming therefor we have added a shortcut to the start of the raid, which you can access once you have reached the other end of it. Logging out Previously, if you would disconnect/log out in a raid and log back in you would quickly find out that you cannot actually progress in the raid and therefor lost your progress towards the loot, this has now been changed. As long as you are logged in when the raid start you can log in and out freely. *this doesn't apply to solos/if everyone in the team logs out. Pet We have released a raids pet! The way this pet works is a bit different, whenever you get a rare drop from raids there is a 1/25 chance of obtaining the pet. Kalrag Kalrag use to be quite annoying to kill because of the amount of times he would use the reflection attack, the amount has been lowered from 5 to 3 reflections per kill. Spellbook You are now allowed to use any spellbook of choice in raids, previously being limited to normals. We will be posting a feedback thread in the upcoming days as well as monitoring these changes closely! Have a nice day! Mbscape staffteam
  11. Please keep in mind i suggest this to prevent a possible abuse in spamming raids items into the game. current formula: rarestRoll(uniques): 1/ 75 + (deaths + 1 * 10) + (teamsize * 4) rareRoll(amulets): 50 + (deaths + 1 * 5) lets apply these rates to team sizes: all rates assuming 0 deaths* team size, base rate: chance of team getting a drop. uniques: 4 man, 101: 1/25.25 5 man, 105: 1/21 6 man, 109: 1/18 7 man, 113: 1/16.14 8 man, 117: 1/14.62 20 man, 165: 1/8.25 amulets: 4 man, 55: 1/13.75 5 man, 55: 1/11 6 man, 55: 1/9.16 7 man, 55: 1/7.85 8 man, 55: 1/6.87 20 man, 55: 1/2.75 You can see the issue here, since the monsters doesn't scale so a bigger teamsize just makes the raid easier. My suggestion is to change it to not favour massive teams as heavy. suggested change for uniques: 15 + (deaths + 1 * 10) + (team size * 18) and for the amulet roll: i suggest making it so you only have an attempt on this roll if you fail the unique roll. (teamsize * 18) + (deaths + 1 * 5) 4 man, 77: 1/19.25 7 man, 131: 1/18.71 20 man, 365: 1/18.25
  12. Ant0n

    Death Touched Darts / Vote Tickets

    LETS TALK STATISTICS, KEEP IN MIND YOUR PERSONAL DROPRATE HAS NO SAY IN THE MATTER. ATM in the end of the month we are currently at 2893 votes. that's 8679 vote tickets, as well as some extra ones during double vote event. 8679 / 2 (dtd price) = 4339 darts 4339 / 64 (nex droprate) = 67. From each month of voting, there should be roughly 67 nexdrops assuming everyone only darted nex. The issue is you don't have to pvm for it, so 67 drops come into the game which does not require pvming. I personally believe that's a big issue, and will only hurt the game. But since most of you guys play rs3 where your spoonfeed shit like that all the time, i doubt this comment is going to change your minds.
  13. Black background and yellow text to compensate for bad grammar. It's been a long journey... I started playing this server in october of 2014 when a big server at the time shutdown. (some of the old mbscape vets came from here aswell shoutout to Kutleven) Anyways, i started off much like everyone else, enjoying the server and putting in inhumane hours, making friends. Racing my way to the top, made bonk, and most important of all, developed my huge love for gambling which has cost me 3,8b osrs this year alone. One day in the early summer of 2015, Ryan approached me and offered me to become a moderator for the server. sike he threw me in staffchat. From that day on i'v been apart of the staff team and loved it, and been very grateful that i'v had this oppertunity to learn to know so many people, and develop content for the server we all love. But today i'm taking a step back from Co-Owner of MBScape. This decision was not easy but it's something that was inevitable with what i got going on in life right now. I'm starting my own company and no longer have time to go full-time on MBScape. I will however ofcourse always be loyal to MBScape and be around when i have some spare time. I'm putting alot of weight on Ryans shoulders by leaving as we were the only ones doing programming for MBScape so please be nice to him. I know for a fact he will take MBScape to new hights and release sick new content to the server. And as far as the staff team goes, i'm sure there will be alot of changes once i leave, and i'm happy to see who Ryan decides to Promote/Introduce to the staffteam in the future. Shoutout to: The MBScape staffteam, the current staffteam is doing an amazing work and i couldn't be happier with the current lineup. The Players, The server would be nothing without you, sticking with MBScape even tho we had to do an eco reset, putting in endless of hours into content i'v had the please to write. <3 u guys. And special shoutout to the OG players that keept me play: Eccha, Sem W <3, First / Brian, Davey, Keepsake Me, Kultakalle1, Dick, Davey, Old josh, Minitoast even tho we have fallen off a bit recently, Foot, Goal, Glories, Blitz, Raven, CJ for banning me, and all my great friends still in the staffteam. There is just to many to list, i'm sorry if i missed someone. With that being said, i wish everyone new or old, friend or enemy a real big goodluck in life and enjoy mbscaping boys n girls.
  14. Ant0n

    I'm done.

    I have 1 counter argument:
  15. Ant0n

    Recent updates

    Hello MBScapers! As you are aware we have done alot of changes quite rapidly recently. We are trying to take advantage of the situation we are in with the fresh economy to ensure we don't run into the problems we did priour to eco reset. We also understand that not all of these changes might have come out as you like, so please remain vocal about changes you dislike, like the herblore shop. As we have learnt, we are not always right when it comes to the updates and we apologise for anything we do that affects the game in a bad way. With that being said, we really hope you enjoy the fresh start even tho there was alot of hour lost, it's really fun seing alot of you online racing for those achievements