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  1. First

    Client stuck at 0%

    I believe the reason why you're banned was because of the refund. If you thought that the perk you donated for was wrongly described, then you should've spoken to a staff member to get the perk switched, or make a thread on addressing that issue rather than just refunding your donation. Even though you stated that you've played a lot and donated a lot, MBScape has a policy, which is the same as other servers, that if you refund your donation, that you'll be banned. I can understand your frustration that you just want to play the game but it's best for you to make an appeal on your ban. This thread is really just stating that you can't login, which isn't the problem. Your issue is that you're banned and want to get unbanned, I highly advise you to make a new thread stating why you feel the ban was unfair. This is just my input on what you should do in matters like this. Thanks, ~ First
  2. Hi guys, I haven't really touched Runescape or Gaming in general the past year. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. :) #2012Vet

  3. Never did I see the day when I see you deciding to leave MBScape. Its been a long time since I’ve spoken to anyone on here but I’m proud of how much you’ve acomplished on MBScape and I’m sure the community appreciates every one bit. I still remember when you first joined and seeing how much you’ve evolved over the past years on MBScape just makes it even more special. We shared great memories on here as noobs, as staff members, and as friends. Nobody can thank you enough for how much you’ve contributed to the server. I wish you best luck on your new company and chapter in life. ~ Brian/First PS: All these years and you’re still using that sexy profile picture I made for you. 😉
  4. First

    Overpaying for Bonds

    I'm currently over-paying for a couple bonds. Let me know under this thread if you're interested in selling and maybe we can work something out.
  5. First

    Make ;;Chill great again

    To be honest though... When was ::chill even "great".
  6. You deleted me on Skype smh.
  7. lmao i remember james telling us about this. good ole days :')
  8. First

    change the client of the server for 718/861

    It's not as easy as you think. There are plenty of steps within this process and overall it wouldn't be worth it in my opinion.
  9. First

    SchoolboyQ MBScape Goals

    Sexy goals man. Wish you good luck with your progress.
  10. First

    New Custom Range Gear Player Feedback

    Seeing other players perspective, I don't think adding a more powerful range armor/weapon would be good for both the aspects of combat and the economy. The current armors are already a bit too much for some people and it's difficult to sell gear, so having a whole new tier of range-based gear will only hurt the economy more and frustrate others.
  11. First


    Good luck with your clan.
  12. First

    Donation removed at eco reset?

    I don't understand why people are so nervous about a 'reset'/'economy reset'. Knowing Ryan and Ant0n, There won't be a reset unless a huge tragedy occurs but yes I understand the struggle of trying to sell items, etc.
  13. First

    Hi Everyone :)

    Welcome Welcome.
  14. First


    Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend.
  15. First


    Welcome to the forums!