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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI_psayXEzE I've literally just completed the elite achievements. But i'm not reciving any reward for it! :(
  2. Lathrix

    Perk Suggestions!

    Few perk suggestions i think could be useful: Fish fingers = Where you're able to catch fish without needing a Net or Harpoon, Etc! Perhaps being able to fish without bait. Paycheck = Perhaps buying this perks gives you a paycheck every 5-10 or so minutes, Or whenever you seem fit personally. Lumberjack = Automaticly carves all Logs into Planks when cutting trees ( Will ofcourse overlap with firemaking skill . But im sure theres a work-around ) Renewal = Permanent Prayer Renewal effect ( The effect from when you drink prayer renewal potion ) Herbicide = Works like Charming imp, Picks up dropped herbs and puts it into your inventory Farm Alarm = Displays an announcement in your chat whenever a Tree / Herb etc has fully grown, Died or needs Curing
  3. Lathrix

    Few Suggestions

    When fishing with harpoon for tuna / Swordfish, It sometimes comes up that you need 76 fishing to fish here! ( Hinting at fishing Sharks )
  4. Lathrix

    Few Suggestions

    Got a few followups: Allow ::Bank in Instances, Raids loot doesn't goto bank once obtained Add Decant Flasks @ Dz Decanter Fix the " Null " that happends whenever someone gets a Rare drop. Freezes the server for ca 2 Secounds