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  1. Wzrd

    My Return to MBScape

    Just a quick video, like I said in the video feel free to let me know if there's anything in particular you want to see me do in a video. ENJOY!
  2. Wzrd

    Equippable Charming Imp

    I agree, there's already a downside to the imp, just if there needs to be more of a downside the option is there.
  3. Wzrd

    Equippable Charming Imp

    Hi guys, Just a quick suggestion, would it be possible to make the charming imp equippable? I understand this is a purchasable perk, but the trade-off could be that it takes up the amulet/ring slot perhaps? Thanks.
  4. Wzrd


    There's many issues surrounding economy mate, main problem is no one wants to have an eco reset because its aids, and it will end up with the same result, problem is that no one wants to buy anything as its fuck loads easier to donate for that shit, best thing to do is just keep selling your items, someone has a need for certain things like divines and various other rare drops, I recommend you keep trying to sell these things, they'll sell eventually.
  5. Wzrd

    Promotional Vid

  6. Wzrd

    Duel Arena TP!

    We need a ;;duel command so we can get to the duel arena slightly easier.
  7. Wzrd


    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198293380066/ Add it up
  8. Wzrd

    [poll] Royal d'hide leather

    Looking forward to Royal D'Hide being implemented. its 100% a yes from me!
  9. Wzrd

    For Sale!

    Doesn't even matter I've lost all of this stuff now due to rollback
  10. Wzrd


    Are you sure you didn't change it before the rollback and it's gone back to what it was before?
  11. Wzrd

    Cash Income

    I believe in the idea, maybe not however in the way you've put forward, although not a bad idea, I recommend potentially implementing random rewards during skilling perhaps something along them lines, I think you've come up with a good idea here and I hope everyone at MB will put in their suggestions to this topic and we can build a nice platform for skilling cash.
  12. Nice UD, like the sound of Ultimate Iron Man.
  13. Wzrd

    Promotional Vid

    Looking forward to making this for you guys, should turn out nice.
  14. Wzrd

    My Road to 1B Series

    Thanks mate, I look forward to making more
  15. Wzrd

    Shield of Mortality Buff?

    I think the shield is good with the hidden passive, but even the other shields have hidden passives and include defense bonuses, it's slightly underpowered at the minute in my opinion, it doesnt seem worthwhile to use compared to the dragon defender, and that shouldn't be the best shield in the game but it is