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  1. zhu

    I'm back ^^

    I kept it on the down low that i was quitting for a bit, but I'm back now! I'm always skilling so if you need me, pm me. c:
  2. zhu

    See you never

    you can always pm me as i just started playing again. :3 hope to see you around.
  3. zhu

    Yung Simmie flaming/racism

    can you post this in the forums section "report abuse" please
  4. zhu

    Please read thoroughly.

    Ryan has already confirmed an update coming to SoF. But i wish he'd stop looking at so many micro transaction updates.
  5. zhu


    Thanks for the input. <3
  6. zhu

    Please read thoroughly.

    Dung is pretty boring, i can agree with that. I have no input for the shards as i don't really do glacors. I'm not much of a pker but i love PvM so clans might be kind of nice.
  7. zhu


    I love this idea @Ryan
  8. zhu

    Hey whats up guys

    gold, you talk.. sometimes :x
  9. zhu


    awe, bye :c
  10. zhu

    High scores reset.

    That would be awesome
  11. zhu

    High scores reset.

    <3 and yes that would be awesome ^^!!
  12. zhu

    Youtube Series

    Awesome! Keep them up c:
  13. zhu

    High scores reset.

    Before reading this, no I'm not asking for an entire stat reset in game. With so many players being inactive, the high scores aren't really accurate with who should be in the place. With peak amount of 40-50 players online and there being over 250 people on the high scores, I personally think it should be reset, and everyone that logs on will be put back on it. Also, I noticed a certain co-owners name on the high scores, and I'm assuming that admins+ can ::max and can spawn items, so they shouldn't be on the high scores.
  14. zhu

    Hey whats up guys

    But Matt is dumb, so that's a bad source. :c