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  1. Omar

    Quitting. Thanks for the memories.

    Gotchu fam. Couldn't remember too much people at the time. I tried remembering all the old ones first so I forgot some of the current ones sorry <3. Was a blast tryin to compete with getting a bigger bank than you ;p
  2. Aight guys I don't have much to say besides I'm finally deciding on quitting. I've "quit" many times in the past but this time it should be for good. Not going to make this sweet and say I'm busy irl or anything. The reason I'm quitting is the server isn't what it used to be for many reasons. There haven't been updates, the economy is a mess, and the staff in my opinion is the worst part if we're comparing it to the past. So I've decided to do a favor to the server and empty about 150b worth of items just to clean it up a little bit. https://gyazo.com/8b19f5f396d972d83a62ea927beae415 https://gyazo.com/651a2aa1b60625f39d384d251973d7f4 ^^^^^^^^ All emptied as of this post being up. I've kept a solid amount of items if the server does start to make its way up again but until then I'm out. Thanks to all the people I've met over the past nearly 3 years and to Ryan for making this server enjoyable for a time being. I want to especially thank these people for being close friends: (No specific order btw) Aldrete Seb Frith Blitz Macmayham Feelsbadman Kakkoii Linnea Tobbe Kultakalle1 Bmaker Maxx Hanlin Tobbe Abado Hadouken Tubby Codie Undefined Brave Mysraven13 Josh Baked Seismic Endure Admired Sithis Nexiswet Brian Dyale Ii Pro Shot
  3. Omar

    Staff/Server Feedback

    Be prepared for a semi-rant: I completely agree with your post. The staff team for the past couple months have been getting very inactive. This was one of the reasons I resigned as some of you may know. Each one of the staff members are great people and all but not so much actual staff. The only noticeable ones that stand out at this moment by being helpful and being active in the community is "God Seb/Iron Seb". Most of the members do have a job and I'm completely fine with that. But when it comes to the point of not logging in for over a week, is where it becomes troublesome. Hell, Seb has a job and he's still online nearly everyday for 3-4 hours. The biggest problem right now in my opinion is the owner and co-owner not taking action and demoting people who are taking up positions for new mods. I'm not going to sit here and list those individuals out but they know who they are. There are multiple players out there who deserve a moderator position or support in the server. I'll list some down below just incase any of the staff want suggestions. Blitz Hanlin Clarkyy Bmaker (maybe) Thanks for taking a read to those people that care .
  4. Omar


    Hey everyone. Just letting you guys know that I'm resigning as an admin from the server. I've been busy with school lately and have taken even more courses for these next two months. Besides that I'll be traveling overseas for quite some time. Because of all this, I've decided to resign due to my expected inactivity in the soon future. I want to thank: Everyone that I've met on the server The staff team (current and past members) Ryan for creating this server that I've played and enjoyed for the past years of my life. It's true that I am resigning but there'll be no way that I'll be quitting so expect to see me on every once in a while. Thanks again for everything nerds. No special thank you's on here because yall know who you are. P.S. Sorry for the shit resignation notice ;p.