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  1. Maddie

    Some nice items to add

    support on the T92 weapons
  2. Maddie

    Massive Giveaway!

    im poor
  3. Maddie

    [Poll] Drops and Other Changes

    Vote no for darting nex or I will murder you all
  4. Maddie

    How can we improve?

    As someone who has been around for a while and doesn't play as much as I used to, here's my input: When I play I set goals for myself: max, comp then trim. The first two aren't that hard, and can be finished in a couple of weeks. When it comes to trimming, there's maybe another week of hard work and then it's a pet hunt from there on out. Which gets insanely tiring, especially the second time around. I guess what I'm suggesting is to add more requirements and achievements, and not to make the end game (for someone like me, who sees trimmed comp as end game) simply a pet hunt. I understand it will eventually come down to that, though, being as it's currently the hardest requirement. In addition to that I would have to say aim for feedback more often, this is a great start. Poll some ideas you have to the community (something the new community manager could be in charge of?) And host more interactive events! Oh, another thing: base updates on the many, not the few. I know it's easy to think "well these three really good pvmers can do it with their eyes closed, everyone else needs to step up their game" but that will only disrupt the community more and make them lash out for not thinking of them as a whole. Updates should be what's best for everyone. And another thing I have always found to be true: people are selling WAY more than people are buying. I think the reason for this is because there simply isn't enough gp (like, actual gold) coming into the game. An easy way to fix this would be to add coin drops to bosses. Nothing crazy obviously, but something small that adds up after a while. I think this is essential for the economy to get going again. That's all I can think of currently, I'll edit this post when more comes to me.
  5. Maddie

    Raids Changes

  6. Maddie

    Removing Pet Left-Clicking

    Will this apply to summ familiars too? pls
  7. Maddie

    Real Man Comp Req

    so basically you want to play a different game
  8. Maddie

    Gary's Suggestions/Bugs List

    I wasn't crashing you at Tarn my prayer hit him, not my fault
  9. Maddie

    I'm done.

    RuneScape has the grand exchange and MBScape has the grand exchange. It's the SECOND day of the server, of course there's not much to go around yet. All we can do is play the game as we normally would and things will become easier, the eco will grow, items/supplies in game will grow. Plus there's still time to twerk things. Everything is going to be fine tbh
  10. Maddie

    Post Your Bank Screenshots/Vids

  11. Maddie


    ok but still send me cat snaps
  12. Maddie

    Goodday all

    Welcome to MBScape
  13. Maddie

    How To Not Get Bandos Pet 101 Ft. SOF Rolls

    make inferno vid and I sub
  14. Maddie

    Fix Dragons

    This would be a nice change