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  1. Green Mug

    Server Suggestions + Bug Fixes.

    Yeah man, Seems promising! P.S. I suck at PVM
  2. Green Mug

    Server Suggestions + Bug Fixes.

    That works but for those who can't afford, Reaching all people from all backgrounds will allow more players which can provide a more stable economy too..
  3. Green Mug

    Server Suggestions + Bug Fixes.

    No offence buddy, but considering Donor ring costs you 5$ or 10$, and is lost over a potion, that takes the mick really. i still think it should be edited. nothing to do with taking items into the wildy and being prepared to lose them, the moral here is potion should NOT be kept over a potion, (Standard) and as to the decanting vials, it makes your potions go further. (More bang for your buck)
  4. Green Mug

    Server Suggestions + Bug Fixes.

    Alright there people, I was having a gander to my self yesterday, Just a few suggestions which I assume would be simple to do. For the Skillers, a fully working Toolbelt? A Legitimate price guide, (Recently I have seen some debates on the prices, they are forever changing and no one knows for sure how much certain items are worth) Pot's over powering donor ring, I saw yesterday that a chap lost his donor ring as the (lost items on death) decided to keep his pots and not his donor ring in the bank, there is a option to see equipment stats, However sometimes if you click this then click off it. you then have to re-log as every time you click the bank, nothing pops up. Gano tradeable on GE [esc] to close bank? Flaming Skull available to be donated to well Some times when you search for an item in the bank, you are unable to search for another straight after, Maybe a potential fix for this Last but not least, Rare drop table fix.... If you get a rare drop, it shouldn't be 3 yew logs! Lol This needs desperate re work, Maybe 500 yews? Some sara's, super restores? other valuable items, after all it is a rare drop table MAKE CORP DROP A DIVINE FOR ME!! Decanting vials and flasks, So we don't have 100+ (1 use) flasks left in the bank. Money pouch working when purchasing items, (you have to pull money out of pouch to buy things, it won't automatically take it out of the pouch) Thanks for reading folks, Green = Not so important, Orange = Moderately important, Red = Believe it should be fixed, I have rated these on what i believe is more necessary, feel free to add more, or pass comments
  5. Green Mug

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    Username: Green Mug Been playing round 18months - 2 years. No official proof, can't remember when i donated. but Hanlin can vouch for me! Use to talk to him on discord long time ago!