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  1. Tempah

    Feeling like an ironman account

    This was a 10/10 read would recommend
  2. Tempah

    Netflix and Chill xo

    Step 1, Apply a starbucks coffee machine to your house. This will get all the white hoes to your house. Step 2, Apply date rape to all of the coffee beans. Step 3, Don't get caught.
  3. Tempah


    Well this is goodbye, over the time i've played this i met some real great people, but i've grown bored of this all now unfortunately. I may return in the future so see if you all still play when if i do decide to return, just wanna say thanks to some of the staff team making my stay more enjoyable. Also, I'm pretty active on discord if you need to message me for any reason. Best of luck to you all, Tempah.
  4. Tempah

    Temp Leave

    I wish you goodluck on your time off and revision, be looking forward to seeing you when you get back! Take it easy. -Tempah.
  5. Tempah

    Changing the Ghost Banker in DZ

    @Ant0n @Ryan the people have spoken :-) -Tempah.
  6. Tempah

    Eets Introduction

    Are you from Far east movment? kappa, nah welcome to mbscape. Ps, elbow hurts doesn't it -Tempah
  7. I will admit this is the best update you have done for atleast a year or so! Great job. -Tempah.
  8. So i've realised that this is quite a common suggestion, so i'd thought i'd make a post and see what you all think. -Tempah.
  9. Tempah

    Staff Team Feedback

    Ryan: Great guy, doesn't really speak much ingame but helpful when I pm on discord ect. Ant0n: Yet again a great person to speak to, speaks often in game and can have a great general discussion with him. Aldrete: Really helpful and player supportive person, always active and a all round general great person. Anubis: Haven't spoke a great deal but when i do need help i can always pm him and get a great response. Seb: Now me and seb never agree'd with allot when i first joined, now once we have spoke properly i find seb a great and such a supportive person, often asked seb for help in regards to my ironman and he's helped me quite a bit with where to get items ect. Think highly of seb Anything: He was such a nice person to speak to but i really have no clue where he has wen't, he did mention he was going for the Royal air force training so if he has been accepted he may well be here. Blitz: Now blitz is so funny, he really does deserve every single bit of credit he get's, such a joyful happy player. Strange obsession to prestiging tho. Does enjoy getting the occasional roast Clean hippy: Hippy is once again some one i am quite close with as we used to pvm together back in the day, my timezone is difficult to catch him online sometimes but when he is online he does a great job. Cookie: Yet again another happy and friendly player, always here to help and is a general nice person to speak to. Impulse: We've only spoke a few times but i don't really see him much due to timezone difference ect. When he's online yet again a great and helpful person. Munch: Now munch is such a joyful player, always happy (unless she's ill then she is a dragon) always here to help anyone that needs it and is very active, she deserves all the credit she get's as in my opinion she does a great job. RL: Nice person to speak to has a dodgey accent tho, idk. Helpful player to speak to on discord, his job is very demanding so he can't be as active as we all would like him to be. -Tempah.
  10. Tempah


    Just the sirenics defence is pretty low as well, pernix has nearly equal stats to it. Yeah i see your point. Thank you :-) -Tempah
  11. Tempah


    So i've been meaning to mention this for some time now, with the t90 being the best armour set's we can get at the moment I really would love to see some improving stats. The amount we grind/pay for the armour it isn't very effective. For example Sirenic, it has a handy set bonus of poison but it's defensive and offensive stats are shocking. Same with tectonic and malevolent, In the past the stats have been higher which to be honest I thought there where fine the way they are. Now it's as if they have been pushed to one side and people would rather have nex set's rather than t90's. Even tectonic has went out of place now due to necro being so op. Let me know what everyone thinks! -Tempah.
  12. Tempah

    Updated Clue Scroll Guide

    @Munchkin Great guide! Would also be nice to see the hint for the clue above the corresponding clue :-) Plus nice sig lmao! -Tempah.
  13. Tempah

    Off-Hand crossbow's

    Yeah that is a valid point, thanks for the feedback too! Would be good if ryan could add in for example the off-hand royal crossbow. By far my favourite! -Tempah.
  14. Tempah

    Off-Hand crossbow's

    So with us having obvoiusly main hand crossbows, i'd love to see the feature of the off-had crossbows! Would be a great touch! anyway this is just a simple idea, let me know what y'all think. -Tempah.
  15. Tempah

    Server Suggestions + Bug Fixes.

    I like some of these ideas! The esc tab is abit extreme, too lazy to click the "x"? -Tempah.