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  1. Meezle

    Sanguinesti staff QoL Change

    After playing with the staff for around a week or so, i feel like it would be more consistent if the healing was for example; every 4/5th cast. Rather than by chance. Thoughts?
  2. Meezle

    Unavailable Drop Tables

    Can we please have access to drop tables such as; Clue scroll rewards Wilderness loot crates Crystal/muddy keys Thanks! Meezle the weasel
  3. Meezle

    Funny interaction

    https://gyazo.com/f39d9b90b92d4757b5fed46947dfc35b I got the Smithing Pet while at lavalode mine from Artisan lol
  4. Meezle

    Client Issue

    For some reason, my client keeps closing itself randomly. Yes, i have updated my client and tried reinstalling etc etc... any ideas on what i can do or what the issue even is?
  5. Meezle

    GE Previous Purchases/sales

    Allows you to see total profit/losses not really much else to say, i feel this would be a nice feature in the game if Devs have the time to add in
  6. Meezle

    Armor set boxes

    i have breifly spoken to Ant0n about this in discord and i feel it should share the idea with you guys (and girls)! basically in the GE if you want to buy and sell sets parts at a time which takes up GE lines, and spots for you to buy and sell other items and also takes the process longer as you may quickly sell more popular parts over the not so popular. Often sets have an additional value therefore you lose that additional value. This is mainly aimed at casual players aswell if they dont spend many hours of the day on therefore they can set the offer in GE rather than spend the little time they spend on trying to buy items to continue playing the game. I'm sure one of the dev team can make an NPC somewhere or even put it as an additional option on max for you to box/unbox your armor Leave me some feedback, Thanks! #maketheharambequest
  7. Meezle

    Potion Changes suggestion

    can we please please please, have it so we can move potions into other vials. E.g. - having 2 potions with 2 sips in and changing them into 1 potion with 4 sips in. i am sick of having my bank filled with mass overload (1) when im paying 500k an ovl, also annoying while pvming as you have to take multiple to trips to areas such as gwd where you cannot ;;bank meaning you either have to go home to bank or give up inv space