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  1. lem000n

    Tables in forum posts

    @Kenny whats my prize? crondisssssss
  2. lem000n

    Dz Decanter

    Support this idea for LDZ not DZ
  3. lem000n

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Good guide T-rex, although more sarcasm was needed..
  4. lem000n

    Re-Opening the Duel Arena (Poll)

    Those that want to gamble want to do it themselves, stake, fp, BJ... not have an NPC do it for us.. Restricting it to certain items certainly doesn't benefit those that want to duel as well.. e.g if someone wants to risk one of their net sets.. then they can't.. Duel is what we want..
  5. lem000n


    Can a warning be added to items when your about to Dye them..? Didn't even want to dye my Ascension crossbow.. looks like a pile of shit now..
  6. lem000n

    Petition #69

    Agreed.. the drop is a troll and a half.. but at the same time you gotta see that prestige is just a money sink.. perhaps increase the amount of lucky items you can obtain? or degradable items.. like maybe get a set of torva that turns to dust after 10 hours or something and can't be used in the wildy?
  7. lem000n


    Think it's about time we got Duel back????
  8. lem000n

    When you hit 200m Summoning on RS - Rare Fest

    No one standing in the ge? no bankers etc?
  9. lem000n

    taking ;;bank

    In all honesty, ;;b was op.. but moving it from houses? the fak man.. still shit keeps getting removed in terms of benefits.. least add some in.
  10. lem000n

    Perk Idea

    Once again the Amazingly smart Lem000n Strikes again with an Amazing perk idea.. So we all know collecting herbs is a pain in the ass, like the charming imp can we get a groot looking like mofo that collects all noted herbs for us? and possibly seeds..
  11. lem000n

    nomad teleport in poh

    Pretty Pointless imo, not like it takes much to get to Nomad..
  12. lem000n

    [S] Scroll of Praise

    Title says it all
  13. Now that theres a few things that have been removed from the DZ i think maybe Donor sections need a little improvement? and or additions.. personally i feel the islands aren't really much use and could perhaps do with a going over.. Secondly Mboxes are well.. junk imo they should be reworked and items such as planks/divines/sigils etc should maybe be added in to them? Lastly Zaryte bow and Magic.. First off the bow to me seems very weak, i'm not saying it should hit hard like a Tbow but it should surely have the ability to hit and be slightly faster and also remove the ability to use arrows with it.. not sure if it affects it greatly. on the topic of magic, Goon will agree when i say magic doesn't hit like it should.. being in ancest/lich and virtus you don't hit so great..