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  1. iron crab

    To MBS - From Biznut

    It’s no big deal. I’m glad you’re back tho. Would of been nice to hear from you Atleast once a week or two but I’m glad you’re safe and everything is going well for you career wise.
  2. iron crab

    skilling for money?

    a little bit more wouldnt hurt.
  3. iron crab

    Items value to General store

    yes pls
  4. yeah i have but do you need to afk everything? afking melee stats is efortless
  5. you're more lazy than that Hashtag player. complained that nex armor is too hard to get and wanted to make t90 with energy+bandos
  6. iron crab


    IGN: iron crab http://prntscr.com/ipvs12
  7. iron crab


    http://prntscr.com/ipvs12 papa needs a new pair of shoes
  8. iron crab

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    Subjugation(lvl75) mage armour from RS3 is usually obtained from Zamorak boss but it could be a upgraded ahrims set + zamorak sigil(1-3) 1/128 dr per sigil
  9. iron crab

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    That pet requirement was a pretty good one in my opinion. It'll give everyone one extra reason to do every boss & not just stick to one. Even if it does take them 2500-500 hours, comp(t) should be the cape the most experience players should wear.
  10. iron crab

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    because even tho i hate farming glacors/nomad/other bosses for armadyl shards, they are challenging to get & thats what the comp(t) cape should be. a challenge. requirements have been removed here & there; sadly making the accomplishment less impressive with each removed req. buff the set, sure. even make the set harder to get because you might buff it.
  11. iron crab

    Just an idea please give feed back.

    i personally would like for it to stay the way it is
  12. iron crab

    Wilderness Loot Crate Locations

    nice lure.
  13. iron crab


    some people dont care if there was a update. some people are still grinding out whatever drop or boss. is it that much work to do ::patchnotes or click on quest tab & then updates to look at patchnotes? that lazy to type in a command to find out about updates? how about the webstore? you want the forums/webstore windows to pop up everytime you open the mbscape client eh?
  14. iron crab

    torva godsword

    love the post
  15. iron crab

    Dz Decanter

    Yes pls. I'd love that. It seems like a very isolated problem since normal players just buy brews or super restores if they dont have any (6)'s.