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  1. The_RL

    Farewell Mbscape...

    OOOOF no active admins idk what you mean >.>
  2. The_RL

    Raids 2: The Tower of Death

    https://gyazo.com/c93ea057daa615dba95fca8b5a88808d dont worry seb ill do you job for you
  3. The_RL

    Massive Giveaway!

    in it to win it?
  4. The_RL

    How can we improve?

    Great words there Ryan, Honestly you summed everything up for me personally the server is good as is. The reason i don't play as much any more is i've achieved the goal's i wanted in MBscape as far as combat and skilling go, i still enjoy playing from time to time and helping the community any time i can, i don't play as much also now im not a mod due to the fact of not been needed as much now . Ideas for the future update's? i don't really have any but i do remember Anton saying he wanted to make a boss that scales, i really liked the idea of that . All the best with the road ahead of Mbscape Ryan, Kenny and Anton
  5. The_RL

    Zulrah in HD

    posted and gave thanks
  6. The_RL

    Zulrah in HD

  7. no mention of me go fuck ya self school shooter
  8. The_RL

    I'm done.

    im the longest standing mod i speak to Ryan and Ant0n most days and im still a mod with not much signs of becoming a admin, i still play i wouldn't mind becoming an admin but it takes time.
  9. The_RL

    New forum sig

    dont have to pay when you are a smooth talker
  10. The_RL

    New forum sig

    nah i just talk to people from tinder
  11. The_RL

    New forum sig

    my sig below
  12. The_RL

    Account information in signature

    nah some lass ive been speaking to.
  13. The_RL

    Group Ironman Mode

    good job
  14. The_RL


    All the best Seb #1 dude