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  1. El Diablito

    Donation Rank Forum request

    Hi El Diablito here, I dont really care but the Rank looks cool in forum and I need it. So give me Prime cuz im Prime in-game. Pretty sure u know...cuz im like the one of the 12 people that plays all the time
  2. El Diablito

    Items value to General store

    Not sure why would virtus sell something like 220k to general store but visage sold 22m....Soooo can we like add a value to those items? Like not alot but like virtus top from 220k to like 300m? although its worth like 800m. (Kind of have to say this cuz no one buys my shit....and general store lowball me too much....):(
  3. El Diablito

    Perks removal and refund?

    I completely regret buying fish filet because it prevents me from catching raw fish which can be cook for a higher experiences but catching and cooking it makes it a super low xp rate. For example, my rocktail is 6.9k fishing cook but can be cook for 25k xp raw. If i can get my 5$ point back and remove this perk it would be wonderful. Another option is to make the xp rate on cooking on fish filet the same as cooking on fire. I think this is a waste of money and time that fish filet reduce the xp rate. I didn't realize until i put hours and hours of fishing just to get 99 cooking when other people told me they get 99 in 1 hour or so with normal cooking. Please let me know if anything can be done.
  4. El Diablito

    Note items Perk

    I don't know if it's a good idea but I think it would be good if we have a perk that let us note items while pvming. For example all drops are noted in inventory. I remember in rs3 we have that thing.