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  1. Biznut

    To MBS - From Biznut

    Appreciate it bro. It's good to see you're still around.
  2. Biznut

    To MBS - From Biznut

    Hello MBS, For those who know me I want to bring attention to something, and address it formally. Yes, I did take a break for a good amount of time. I will not feed any excuses as to why, I will only state the real reason without boring you all with the finer details. I currently am the owner of a Commercial / Rig Cleaning Service. Prior to my temporary departure from MBS it was a 2 person show. My business partner and I. I am responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work such as Marketing, Advertising, Emails, Phone Calls, Contracts, Interviews, etc.. It wasn't until just recently we were able to get the tools and resources to make things a little more automated & free up some time for myself. For a year straight I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep trying to get things running smoothly again. We are at a point now where I can easily take time to myself every night and spend it with the MBS community again while also managing time for my family. I thought I had given proper heads up that I would be stepping out for some time at MBS but I guess it wasn't sufficient enough, and there is no excuses for that so I will say from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. MBS has always felt like a second family, I could come on and chat it up with a lot of my fellow players and have a hell of a time even through a computer screen! I will continue showing my support to the server and community as if I never took a break. I wish I could express how much you guys here mean to me and hopefully I can get back into full swing of things and start assisting the server as I did before. For all of those who knew me, missed me, or is mad that I took my break I just laid it all out on the table for you to see why and I am terribly sorry for not giving proper notice. I love you guys just as if I would irl friends because I've connected with a lot of you on personal levels. I hope to see you all in game soon and I hope you can find it somewhere in your hearts to forgive my absence. If you knew me, you knew my ultimate goal was to help this server succeed. ❤️ For those who do not know me, my name is Biznut. My pm's are always open, feel free to message me for any issues, help, concerns, or if you just wanna talk. I look forward to meeting all of you, and I look forward to being back in the game. Kind regards, Biznut
  3. Biznut

    casket drop from giant rock crabs

    Give us Third age dyes in it 100% of the time :TrollFace:
  4. Biznut

    New Client beta feedback and Bug reports.

    L2Transparent the Favicon @Kenny
  5. Biznut

    New slayer tasks and Nex changes

    Pretty cool updates!
  6. Biznut

    would u rather

    Tough question. Is neither an option?
  7. Biznut

    Guessing Game

    Careful when you're driving bro! Especially with the way police are nowadays here in the states. @Max3d
  8. Biznut

    Guessing Game

    @Max3d You marked everything out except your Zip Code. You might wanna do that. Fayetteville, AR Side Note: My girlfriend got caught doing 93 in a 60 and had her licenses suspended with a $300 fine. I think you got off pretty easy because that right there is considered reckless driving, and if they caught you racing like it says on the ticket you're lucky they let you keep the car.
  9. Biznut


    Staff is aware, and I was told that it's beyond repair. Which is why the tele to there was removed from the teleports.
  10. Biznut

    Trouble opening client?

    Or just download the .Jar client on the forums, and don't worry about using WinRar.
  11. Biznut

    The Desert Slayer Dungeon & More!

    Loving the updates, keep em coming!
  12. Biznut

    Random suggestions/Quality of Life for Donors

    First let me start with, I appreciate you utilizing the suggestions part of the forums. This makes it so much easier to respond to things like this. 1. Regarding the DZone - You have to be more specific about what you'd like to see 'improved' with it. WHAT would you like to see added/improved? 2. Mboxes are not junk. There is still some useful things you can get from Mboxes, they are quite common whilst skilling so therefore saying "Divines/Sigils" should be added is FAR FETCH. Now i'm about 90% certain you can obtain planks from Mboxes so unless it was recently changed without my knowledge then them are obtainable. However, getting Divines and Sigils from Mboxes is more than likely a 100% BIG NO. I can't speak on @Ryan behalf though. 3. I haven't had the privilege to test the ZBow in game yet, but I know it isn't a 'Players-Choice' boy on the actual RS game. My opinion on this is completely biased, but i'm sure it might need a balancing issue fixed on it. 4. Magic definitely needs some work done in my opinion. +1 for this. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know!
  13. Biznut


    This wasn't something that was intentional. @Ant0n wasn't like "Oh i'm resigning might as well go out with a bang! hehehe" Before his resignation, most likely before he knew he was resigning, he gave himself max stats as well as the rest of the admins+ did. Well as you may, or may not, know admins+ doesn't appear on the highscores. Upon him losing admin+ rank, he kept all of his stats/xp which in turned made the forums recognize him as a regular "legit" player. This is something that can easily be fixed. I'm sure it's already on @Ryan to-do list. Be patient.
  14. Biznut

    MBS Staff Hears The Community

    So, as most of you are aware MBS has been going through some changes/updates/fixes since the Server Reset. Some of these changes a lot of you don't agree with. I'd like to start by saying this, just a couple months before the reset I held on to a few words @Ryan had said which made me love MBS just that much more.. He said "I love this server just as much as you guys do." regarding previous changes that some of you totally disagreed with. When you have a server owner who cares about the community, and the life of the server as much as Ryan does.. you just have to trust in his judgement when passing updates/fixes through. I've talked to Ryan many times, and know he truly would never do something that would corrupt the game play of the server. Now @Kenny , I truly believe some of the community is toxic towards him for no reason. Since Ant0n resigned it put a lot of weight on Ryan's shoulders handling the development of this server. Kenny has been the one to take some of that weight off of Ryan by lending him a hand in all of the recent changes and fixes. For this reason, Kenny catches a lot of back lash and hate for this. The only way this server is going to grow, and become a lot more fun is if you trust in the MBS Staff Team - and the changes they make to the server. Also, take into consideration that this is Ryans server - he owns it. So no, not ALL updates need to be polled by the community. If it is regarding fixes to the balancing of armor, weapons, drops, etc.. That is something that doesn't need polled. If it is something such as the Death Touched Darts and the status of them, then sure let's hear what the community has to say - which we did! Now regarding the Death Touched Darts - and Voting , the final decision made which some of you are already aware of was Nex is no longer dartable. There were many options that could have took place, and we even polled it. Majority of the votes said to Remove Death Touched Darts completely! We didn't just listen to the people saying to remove them though, we took EVERY vote into consideration and found common ground. The one thing each voter had in common was to Leave things the same, and just make Nex undartable. This is one of more to come situations where we want to hear what the community has to say. & For the ones who still disagree, I hope you can find peace in the decision made and will continue to enjoy MBS for what it is. For the people who disagree with the change of Raids. This is an example of something that didn't need polled. There was a serious flaw in the current formula. I can vouch for this because with team sizes of 10+ players, we were getting B2B2B2B loots! It was releasing HIGH TIER items into the game for little to no effort. Now it's going to take some effort to earn these higher tiered drops. Once again, this isn't something that needed debated this is something that was done to prolong the longevity of this game. Our biggest issue we face as staff of MBS here lately is you guys as a community do not feel like you are heard, or your input doesn't matter. I assure you that your input is always taken into consideration. If you want to be heard more my PM's is always open, and there is a suggestions page right here on the forums. If you have this cool idea, or want to see something fixed - go to the suggestions page on the forums and post it for us to read. Kenny and myself are here daily reading new forum posts. Sometimes Ryan and Kenny don't reply to all of them, but that doesn't mean they didn't read them. 9 times out of 10 the things suggested are put on a "to-do list" because there are bigger things that need added or fixed. Bottom line here guys/gals - There is still a lot of things that need fixed in the game. There is still a few bugs that need worked out. There is still content to be added. There is still balancing issues that will need to be fixed. You have to understand that there is only 2 people who is handling these things right now, and they have to balance their personal lives with their MBS life. Some things take time to fix, and I'm here to personally ask you all to please understand where most of these updates are coming from and that it isn't to ruin the fun in the game. It's to make sure you continue to have fun for years to come. I highly respect each and everyone of you in the community, and I hope that you guys can give the other staff members of MBS and myself the same respect in return. Let me reiterate that IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS/CONCERNS/COMMENTS ... LET US KNOW! The only way we are going to progress as a server is if you allow us to make the changes and fixes, and give us ample time to do so. If you have any suggestions for the game, LET US KNOW in the suggestions page on the forums. I can assure you that I will personally look through every single one, and pass on the really good ones to Kenny or Ryan in the event they don't get to see it first. Lastly, if you have a comment to make or a simple suggestion - and you claim it is just because you "want to be heard" , please do it in a professional manner. Do not read something and immediate jump to the offence "BLAH BLAH YOU DID THIS WTF BLAH BLAH!" No, that's what frustrates staff the most. We are people, speak to us as such. Let us know "Hey man, this doesn't quite work. Know if/when it will be fixed?" and you will be given an update on when it will be. If you read through this entire post, and still have nothing but negative things to say - I hope you find peace in the changes/fixes that is happening to MBS and continue to enjoy the game like we all do. I have nothing but love for the entire server, and community and if you want to be a part of the server bettering itself then start by supporting the decisions being made, or comment on the ones you don't agree with in a proper manner. Thank you all for your time, I hope you have a wonderful, safe Halloween!
  15. Biznut


    This video wasn't an "expert" way to kill Zulrah, in fact it was the opposite. It is just a way for people to get the basics of Zulrah down, and how to stay alive in the process for "lazy pvmers" like myself. We don't care how we get the job done, as long as it gets done.