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  1. Sam


  2. Sam

    July 7th, 2018

    very true lol you should be senior-owner
  3. Sam

    torva godsword

    ur me fav dev =P
  4. Sam

    torva godsword

    helo my name sam i was on anoter server 1 item caled torva godsword it is aymadyl godswod but instaed of amarydl it torva. it max hit is 1400 unpot nd wif overlaod it cn hit 1900!! i think it good ide and cud improve servor. ty 4 read sam 4 mod
  5. Sam


    Great idea, I think we should also buff gano so that when you wear gano you don't actually take any damage. opinions?
  6. Sam

    My Standing on Absorption

    Do you understand the concept of "a joke"
  7. Sam

    My Standing on Absorption

    i disagree i cant solo bosses without eating anymore this game is fucking dead im quitting bye
  8. Sam

    Armor adjustments poll

    I was there when FeelsBadMan tanked Ant0n from magebank to edgeville with the absorptions still enabled, using this route: They started at mage bank, the tanker did not attack back in the whole test. He was also WALKING, and not running the whole way. They stopped before going into bandit camp because the tanker had 8 brew flasks, and a unicorn left. Now I don't play MBScape, but I know for sure that with the absorptions, not only the wilderness, but also PvM is too easy to tank. Go try it out yourselves, I feel like if you guys are honest with yourselves, that you know it's too overpowered.
  9. Sam

    Real Man Mode

    Real man mode? This is discrimination against transsexuals.