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  1. Aldrete

    Client Switch (Poll)

    So it has definitely come to the staff teams attention that there are issues with the client weather is be the constant crashes to the cache loading every time you start it up. I know Ryan is trying to find a solution to this problem, but we don't know when he can resolve it. So we wanted to know if you guys are ok with switching back to the old client ( having to redownload it) or staying on the new one and wait for the problem to be solved. We care about the game play experience you have at mbscape and would love to hear you feedback / opinion before we have you guys bouncing all over the place! Thank you! Staff team
  2. Aldrete

    How can we improve?

    As someone whos been playing this game for a few years and have been apart of this staff team for a few years I generate a lot of feedback when it comes to player content specially when I'm out on the field helping players or helping them understand why a certain decision is made. I agree 100% with le andy on a few topics that he has posted up there. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF AN RSPS IS ITS PLAYERS. and that fact goes to any private server in general! WE are not the main game so WE don't have a 100k player base we have a smaller community a way smaller community. that being said feedback from the community is very very crucial of our server and I feel that if we want to keep are growth up then we really need to listen to our players and poll content that's really game changing to see how our community feels about such content, because I feel as if forcing things on players is the biggest way to lose players.
  3. Aldrete

    Suggestion for malevolant (delete bottom two)

    From my knowledge (I haven't played yet since the eco reset) that there has been a reset lol so yes there's probably alot of cash flowing around but probably not enough for there being an existing group of people wanting malev. Also from past knowledge I know ranging has always been more dominant so sirenic has always been hot. So I mean hold on to your energies and just wait. Now for the bandos idea.. malev is t90 and bandos is pretty damn easy to get I just can't see why something that's suppose to be elite armor would have such an easy counterpart. Anyways man just be patient sooner or later you'll sell just have to play the waiting game
  4. Aldrete

    Skilling outfits & how to get them

    Last time I remembered it was magic logs you had to cut. It could have changed it's been awhile ima noob
  5. Aldrete

    Staff Team Feedback

    Took a vacation and still got good feedback =^)
  6. Aldrete


    Are y'all still accepting apps? I has pretty 1337 resumé =^)
  7. Aldrete

    8kc x x x

    Grats bruh
  8. Aldrete

    would u rather

    Both at the same time
  9. Aldrete


    Don't be hatin cuz Anton gets the Ladies
  10. Aldrete

    Feeling like an ironman account

    I think everyone should just play iron man cuz grinding is fun =^) but on a side note y'all should be greatful there's more of a grind keeps you on longer
  11. Aldrete

    ~ Introduction ~

    Suh dude welcome to the server
  12. Aldrete

    Petition #69

  13. Aldrete

    Suggestion for chaotic spear

    Not sure if spears even really has another use other than Corp so it’s not a bad idea but it’s nothing that’s really going to make a difference imo if you want something better than a Zammy spear a hasta or vesta spear are suitable options
  14. Aldrete

    My Standing on Absorption

    Honestly what would have made this update a lot better is if a testing server was made that implemented the stat change and you had the community test out the change in pvm / pvp situations and adjusted the stats on armor, weps, and npcs according to feedback and your own testing. Which would of one made the community happier by having their say in this and two you would have been able to install the change in one big push instead of piece by piece which can be irritating for players