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  1. kjp


    Just think it should have a unique effect to it, to make it worth grinding for and to give others another option outside chaotic. Like keep the stats lower than chaotic but have it like built in swifts where it can double shoot randomly. Or something like that.
  2. kjp


    Good to see more bosses coming in tho. Just new items should be of value not worthless 😊
  3. kjp


    Should make the cbow worth grinding for...
  4. kjp

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    Username: KJP Been playing for a 3+ years. https://imgur.com/a/l7IHn
  5. kjp


    IGN: Iron Bandos Cheers brother, Gz again.
  6. kjp

    Feeling like an ironman account

    Agree with this 100%. I understand the grind aspect of things. But nerfing literally anything having to do with skilling is a bit absurd. I feel like I'm also playing on an ironman account which heavily pushes me and other players away from the server. If they aren't going to change the charm system back to how it was, at least make charms tradeable that way players who aren't going for 400m XP or prestige they can sell their charms for a small sum of profit to help purchase skilling items like gems/hides/herb secondaries/etc. I am shocked they haven't changed it back considering the immense amount of negative feedback. Hoping with this post they see we aren't happy with how they nerfed charms and change it back. If I wanted to play as an ironman, I would simply create an ironman account. I don't see why they can't add shops for normal accounts cause ironmen clearly cannot purchase from shops. Pretty self-explanatory. +100 to this post.
  7. kjp

    Massive Giveaway!

    Anything would be nice. Gl boys.
  8. kjp

    Petition #69

    Nice, Kenny changed it to 1337 burnt lobsters. This games trash.
  9. kjp

    Petition #69

    Alright imma keep this short n sweet. I got another fucking lobster from prestige today, and I'm not the only one who thinks that's bogus. I'd laugh my ass off if it were a rare drop, but sacrificing ALL our 99s and XP for that? Come on. Prestiging should be rewarding, not de-motivating and pushed to make players quit. I never understood why troll your players with giving them 1 lobster for PRESTIGING. Prestiging takes not only a lot of time, but money as well. It should not go to waste like that. You've done enough by making any items "lucky". Now prestiging lost its profit which is insane because every server that exists with prestige system its used to MAKE MONEY. If you REALLY feel the need to troll players and make them pissed, make the 1 lobster a rare drop from Corp or some shit. Leave your opinions down below. REMOVE THE LOBSTER ALREADY
  10. kjp


    here we have hayitscls giving artichop thy 'ol cuck rub never before seen artichop gets mad felattio heres our captain himself getting a well deserved treatment of bootylicious ass eating from monrey but it wouldnt be bootylicious if the king didnt get his full treatment after a hard day of work. so artichop came and finessed me EXTRA RARE PLATINUM XL SWAG LOOK COMPARISON OF MY CAT VS RL VS WHO WILL WIN!? WHO WILL DIE?! FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF meme
  11. kjp

    Making PvM more profitable?

    Yeahhhh!!! That would seriously be good because all the new kids are wanting the GE to be better. It would actually be seen as a form of content, cus not many new kids resort to selling/buying on there cus they never get anything or their stuff never sells.
  12. Alright, I'm probably going to get ragged hard af for this, but hear me out and just have an open mind to it. As it's a suggestion and nothing more. We all know MBscape has been going off about the economy for a while now, but everyones constantly asking me how people make billions in GP when shops don't pay anything for your items. Back in the day, when the economy wasn't """"bad"""" i still don't think it is tbh. The Gen stores used to buy items for street prices. Whether it be magics, coal, bandos, arma, etc. So you could sell your drops and still make a good profit (100's of mills) like you should be able to do. Now instead of that, we're kinda forced to just hoard all our side drops (The ores, logs, etc), and strictly hope for that ONE good drop from the boss youre killing. Knowing it could take you 600+ kills to get. This I find is extremely de-motivating for most players as they come to an RSPS to easily grind and make money. The only problem now, is since the general stores have been changed for so long, most players have an over abundance of items. Like 100,000+ magic logs, 100,000+ coal, etc. So if they we're to change the general stores back to how they used to be, the economy would truly be fucked. Now here's my suggestion, and I'm suggesting it only to see how the community would feel about this as it's not a detrimental loss to our bank value. If we could get the general stores to pay a good fair price for coal, mith ore, addy ore rune, logs, seeds, energies, gwd drops, etc etc etc etc. Would you be willing to sacrifice our skilling items? Like if they got a list together prior to the update happening and it looked something like this: ORES/BARS: Coal, Gold, Mith, Addy, Rune, Silver. Mithril bars. LOGS/PLANKS: Maple, Yew, Magic, Mahog, Teak, Oak Planks, Planks, Mahogany Planks. SEEDS: Ranarr+, Yew, Magic, Palm. HIDES: Royal/black/red/blue/green dragon leather and dragon hide (cause theyre both tannable, which also opens up a slot to make tanning profitable for some newer players which would be kinda cool) CONSUMABLES: Raw Sharks, Cooked Sharks, Raw/Cooked Rocktails, Raw Mantarays, Sara brew flask (6), super restore flask (6) GWD: Sara sword, arma pieces, bandos pieces, hilts, godsword shards MISC: Pure ess, Rune arrow, Broad arrow, Mith arrow, Steel dart tips, Steel darts, Rune dart tips, Rune darts, Mith dart tips, Mith darts, Dragon dart tips, dragon darts, dragon arrowheads, dragon arrows, rune/mith arrow heads. Diamonds, Diamond bolt tips, Dragonstones, Dragonstone bolt tips. NOW PLEASE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THESE ARE ALL ITEMS I NOTICED I HAD BULK IN MY BANK. WHICH MEANS EVERYTHING LISTED (AND MORE IF SUGGESTED) WOULD BE REMOVED FROM EVERYONES BANKS, THAT WAY WE CAN CONTINUE OUR GRIND AND BE ABLE TO SELL OUR STUFF FOR A GOOD PROFIT WITHOUT DUMPING 100,000'S INTO GEN STORES AND GETTING BILLS OF GP AND RUINING ECO.
  13. kjp

    Daily Dose of Cringe

    pls donate kthx did u donate yet?
  14. kjp

    MBScape Memes Ft Real Biz & Real Titan

    This shit deserves a reward. I fucking lost my lungs laughing so hard. +100 Munch is a beautiful specimen and a goddess of all interwebs.