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  1. Gary


    IGN: Iron Gary Thanks for giving back to the community, Seb.
  2. Not a fan of continuing to remove more and more from donators.
  3. Gary

    New Pets & The Ancient Wyvern Shield

    The wyvern shield gives yet another rejuvenation to an underused NPC which is awesome! Great shield for those who aren't having luck on the arcane drop. I have been wanting a Naza pet for a while! +1
  4. Gary


    Tip: If you start the kill on the other side you will not take poison damage from the clouds while dodging his melee attacks in the beginning.
  5. Gary

    Gary's Suggestions/Bugs List

    You cannot relog in real Runescape to get rid of your teleport block.
  6. Gary

    Raids drop formula change, thoughts?

    I love to solo raids, but seeing that you have a much higher chance of items in a large scale team is annoying. Group ironmen have a max team size of 4 which sucks when mains can do 20 person raids and have a less than 1/10 chance of an item per raid.
  7. Gary

    Gary's Suggestions/Bugs List

    Added quite a few new suggestions since the post was originally made. Will continue to update as needed.
  8. Gary

    Gary's Suggestions/Bugs List

    @Maddie I wasn't specifically referring to you and I'm sorry if it came across that way. It has happened multiple times and it just got on my nerves. Sorry about that.
  9. I will edit this thread as I come up with more ideas, but my list was getting long as it is and I wanted the team to see these suggestions as soon as possible. Make sure to tell me what you think about each one so the ideas can be ironed out to be better. 1. Create a Nex Instance, because as it is the one room can become over crowded fast because it is such a popular boss to kill. 2. Rogues Den gem safes would be a unique way for ironmen and main accounts to train thieving and crafting. 3. Sawmill with a 20% discount to make the planks yourself. 4. Add Armadyl Crossbow special attack. The special attack gives you a much better accuracy rating for that shot, and also a 30% chance to use your bolt special attack. Consumes 50% special bar. 5. Make plank make do an inventory of planks instead of one at a time. If a whole inventory is too overpowered it could be reduced to 5-10 planks per cast instead of one. 6. Perk Toggles would be useful for things like mining ore because currently you get iron bars instead the ore, so I cannot make steel bars for steel titan pouches. 7. Increase wildy tokens per lap to 20-30 for wildy course. 8. Add temple trekking as a viable source of pure essence and the other supplies that it gives such as raw sharks etc. 9. Fix relogging to remove TB. At places like Tarn if you kill Tarn you get teleblocked, but you can just relog to remove it. 10. Renewal perk doesn't make much of a difference for $40. I suggest either decreasing the price a bit or buffing the renewal rate by a small amount. 11. QBD Tasks. 12. Damage counter at bosses with a large HP pool (Ex. Corp). 13. Vorago instance. 14. Add more blink bosses to the room or move the blink boss and make an instance for it. 15. Fix spirit weed farming. Currently spirit weed seeds cannot be planted, therefor, making summoning potions unobtainable by ironmen. 16. Make cockatrice drop noted cockatrice eggs instead of one unnoted egg. This would only be useful if spirit weed farming is fixed. 17. You only need to kill one barrows brother to loot the chest. You find your tunnel, kill the brother at the chest, and loot it. 18. Decanter @ dz does not work for overloads. 19. Make overloads noteable. 20. Make it so you can't left click followers such as steel titans and pets. This could be toggleable possibly. 21. Zulrah kill timer with hiscores would make Zulrah more appealing to do. 22. Fix it so when we cancel a slayer task through the dialogue we can press spacebar to advance the last text screen. Here is what I mean. 23. Add bandos helmet and shield and gloves, add armadyl buckler and boots, add torva pernix and virtus gloves boots wand and book. 24. Fix the altars at GWD. 25. I have seen so many more sigils than spirit shields and elixir drops. SS should be a common drop and elixir should be an uncommon drop. 26. Increase amount of skeleton horror tasks by a couple more. 27. Give spin tickets a decent alch value or let us turn them in for skilling supplies possibly. 28. Renewal perk does not work at TD's, not sure if this is intended. 29. Make ironmen do 90% damage because as it is, people can punch bosses such as tarn on purpose so we don't get the loot, or make purposely crashing over and over an offence. 30. Give players tokens when mining dungeoneering ore. Make it a small amount possibly. 31. Add a working crashed star mini-game with spendable star dust. Currently you can find crashed stars by chance, but the star dust is not usable. 32. Make all dungeoneering npc's drop bones and charms. Bones would be useful if you have bonecrusher because you would have chances at the prayer pet while you train dungeoneering. 33. Add perk packs to the donator store. Examples would be Ultimate pack which includes every perk for a discount, combat pack for combat perks, etc. 34. Rejuvenate certain bosses like Thunderous who are currently never killed. 35. Make Zulrah drop snakeskin which you could craft into snakeskin armor. 36. Pretty sure you can't get Zulrah as a boss task. 37. Fix the Bandos direct teleport so it always teleports you outside the room. 38. Make all monsters left-clickable as a toggle. 39. Ability to combine Ring of Wealth(i) into donator ring to make it have both effects. 40. Make mud runes crafteable and pestle and mortar obtainable and working properly. 41. Add shift click dropping. 42. Add Primal Platebody and Platelegs to Kal'ger the Warmonger 43. Add a perk similar to the Starving perk. but it effects prayer restoring potions instead. 44. Make logs such as oak, willow, yew, etc be able to be fletched into arrow shafts with each tier of log giving more arrow shafts. Ex: Maple logs would give 45 arrow shafts. 45. You can skip the rope swing on the wilderness agility course. 46. Fix the Advanced Gnome Agility Course. That is all for now, but as I said I will edit it as I see fit. Thanks for reading, Gary.
  10. Gary

    In Game Donator Store Rework

    Lots of great updates being pushed lately and it's awesome. Staff team seems really open to suggestions through discord/server/forums which is a big +1
  11. Gary

    Random Suggestions

    1. I don't like devaluing buyable perks too much, because the server needs as much income as possible. -12. +1, currently most people just high alch Drygore Mace, and the Longsword never sells. 3. Obvious +1 to fix it.4. -1 to a coded event, but +1 to some boss events hosted by @Kenny possibly.5. +1, It would be nice to know when the perk you paid money for is working properly.6. -1, coding time could be used better IMO.7. +1 obviously.8. -1 IMO.
  12. Gary

    Perk Suggestions!

    1. This one seem alright, I would +1 it. 2. Constant income of coins on multiple accounts is never a good thing for the economy, especially since there are already multiple methods to make cash as it is. -1 3. I honestly don't know how I feel on this one. Neutral 4. Seems way too op -1. 5. +1 6. Sounds like a good concept! +1
  13. Gary

    Just a few suggestions.

    We need all of these suggestions added.
  14. Gary

    A Couple Suggestions

  15. Gary

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    MBScape Display Name: Gary How long have you played MBScape for? Over a year at least, I have a transaction from June of last year. Proof of account age: https://gyazo.com/d6738ad6cca35c1f724c25dfd91ec5d6