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  1. Dyale

    Task master refuses to give me my reward!

    Complete fightcaves its missing in hard
  2. Dyale

    Information perks

    They are still in and it will probably stay like that. The post artichop copied here is about when Torva/Pernix and alot of endgame items were removed and perks were introduced
  3. Dyale

    suggestions for the server READ!!!

    1st idea is great and the third one is nice to have I guess. For the rest no. Why? Well 4th idea seems stupid to me everyone would just lend their donor title (I personally have 1 Royal donor acc, one Prime donor and a Premium als bought with bonds its really not too hard) and the income via donations would be significantly reduced. Less money but more ads (1st idea) how? Maybe a trial donorstatus for like a day so people can see the donor zone (but cant buy the donor helm) just so they can see what the donor zone offers. For the 5th idea, ye the GE isnt the best in terms of design but far better then looking through 10 different player shops. We got a system that works (at least for items worth less then max cash). 2nd idea ye what should I say I was a gambler for a long time (lost my status due to a reset) and I loved it and I also noticed how much the other players loved it (until they got cleaned) but I dont think we need an area or an npc for that. It is possible to get a dicebag if you go pvming for long enough (the way I did it) and pay someone with ingame cash for it. So why implement a npc and make anyones dicebag if someone has one right now worthless.
  4. Dyale

    Drops List WIP

    I actually wonder what this is good for, we have ::drops and ::finditem to find drops and/or how common they are so in which way is this useful? But still nice effort lad 💜
  5. And sometimes you get 5/7
  6. Dyale

    Forum Update - Ranks

    In a vacuum they look really good but they somehow don't fit the whole design of the forum but otherwise good job
  7. Dyale

    Fast Pass perk

    Ye the perk is useless at the moment I thought about the same as soon as the update that lets you start at 32 was brought into the game. Maybe you can get a refund or maybe this brings attention to it and the perk will be changed. I hope not to a wave 60 start or similiar since that is bascially a free pet. And the droprate seemed correct the last time I did nex though that was quite some time ago probably just bad rng lad.
  8. Dyale


  9. Dyale

    Massive Giveaway!

    Lul I'll take the dtd's lad gimme Unless they are regular darts which would be really sad
  10. Dyale

    [Poll] Drops and Other Changes

    I agree with ironfag on this one tbh I voted a bit differently but after thinking about it the problem right now is not that the items dont exist the problem is that basically everyone is playing ironman until the endgame. There is just no reliable money making method since there is just so few cash ingame. I guess if you introduce money similiar or even slightly less then what entered trough dominion tower would fix that problem.
  11. Dyale

    Update Ideas

    No, stfu Lexi (But really.. ah not too bad I like some)
  12. Dyale

    petition for some recent updates 'nerfs'

    Degrade time was increased to 4 hours why increase further?
  13. Dyale

    How can we improve?

    Well, personally I agree with you in the points you are making. On the long run a stable economy for example is necesary and I love the plans you guys have for the future, but for now increasing difficulty will mean that the playerbase will decrease. But as I said I think you should continue this way. To your question I have to say, listen to the fucking community maybe poll some updates on the forums before you establish them (i.e. the amount of time after goliaths degrade, you can still set the times so theres no 24h option). Espacially the minor changes ask the players which the content is in the end designed for. The idea of a community manager is great for that from the beginning of what you wrote my thoughts were listen to us and establish someone who is easier to reach then you, because lets face it it's really hard to get in touch with you. Also make clear that people have to talk to the community guy and not you so you don't have to deal with all the random stuff. As a minor improvements for now I'd suggest make the Player Token Store relevant again it's pretty garbage at the moment. Also add ingame commands to see the nomad/ROTS droptable just create and NPc with a million hitpoints or something like that but I guess there is a way to do that. Another one is add a proper tutorial for new players not a 30min one but something that explains the commands (by the way remove the ;;house command from that list) and tells people who the moderators are that they can talk to for help. As said before the most important thing is that the players also can decide on updates and have a say and least for minor balancing things. On the question why I left the server for a while could write a whole fucking eassy but thats not for today. I really hope that for once something actually changes I saw this way to often and nothing happened afterwards and just got lost in the forums.
  14. Dyale

    New player

    Never really played as an ironman and I dont think there is a guide but you can ask the other ironman when you are online I'm pretty sure they'll help you out. For loot just type '::drops (monster name)' to see its drop table. It doesnt work for something like nomads chest but for most bosses its really usefull.