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  1. Ryan

    Raids 2: The Tower of Death

    The drop rate of the actual unique items is quite higher than it was in the first raid we made. The rewards are intentionally sub-par due to the fact you'll be making more money when you get a drop. We'd be happy to increase the range of rewards but we didn't want to make the rewards a consistent profit on top of the already generous unique drop rate.
  2. The Dominion Tower has been under construction for quite some time now, and under new ownership. Although nobody will speak on who now owns the place, they say he lives at the top of the tower now. Construction has completed and the Tower of Death has opened up! With up to 6 players, fight your way through 4 challenging bosses before reaching the 5th and final boss, and new owner of the tower. If you are able to take him down, you will be heavily rewarded. Good luck. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Rewards Justiciar Armour The Scythe of Vitur Hits three times per attack, the first being for your max hit, the second being for half of your first hit and the third being half of your second hit. The Ghrazi Rapier The Avernic Defender The Sanguinesti Staff
  3. hey man im having issues loading the game


  4. Ryan

    Client Switch (Poll)

    If we don't have the main issues solved on the current client within a few days, we'll switch to the old one until it's sorted out.
  5. So, today is the day. I've been 'inactive' for quite a while and here's why. We're releasing the new client that allows us to port over any OSRS asset we want as soon as it's released. This is huge for the future of MBScape and it will allow us to regularly push content as soon as it's released on Old School. THIS CLIENT IS REQUIRED TO PLAY MBSCAPE! THE OLD CLIENT WILL NOT WORK! Instead of your typical client download we've added a launcher of sorts that will check for client updates when we make them in the future. Porting over the maps and NPCs from OSRS to our 718 engine isn't an easy feat, and we expect there to be many minor bugs. If you guys find anything worthy of reporting to us, feel free to do so and we'll do our best to get it fixed. Here are a few screenshots of the new client in action..
  6. Ryan

    The Lavalode Mine

    Today we've added a new way to train your mining. The Lavalode mine is a cross-over between the Lava Flow Mine and the Motherlode Mine. Here, you can calmly mine a full inventory of molten rock, then deposit it into the boilers. The boilers will convert the molten rocks into gems (ranging from sapphire to diamond) and ores (from silver to runite). These will automatically be banked. Mining here requires level 50. This is an easy, afk method for mining training. The gems and ores will be worth your time, although the experience isn't the best available. All feedback is appreciated, thanks! - The MBScape Staff Team (Ryan, Ant0n, Aldrete, Anubis, Lexi, Rick, Anything, Seb)
  7. I get tons of messages every day. They're quite hard to keep track of. If you were to send me your paypal information you'd be refunded your rank.
  8. Hey, send me the email and all relevant information on Discord and I'll have you set up ASAP
  9. Yo send me your paypal info on discord and I'll set you up
  10. Ryan


    Vorkath is finally out! To get there, head to Rellekka and go north of the market to the docks and travel to the island. You can use Fremennik Sea Boots 4 to get there the fastest. This is an instanced boss fight, so you will have to fight it alone. Upon entering the instance and awakening Vorkath, you will be put to the challenge. Vorkath works pretty much exactly how it does on Old School , except for the following. Zombified spawn can be killed with any weapon (due to crumble undead not being left click). Our pathing doesn't allow the "Woox method" to be done perfectly every time (as far as I've seen). Acid is not spit on the fire ball phase. Drops Skeletal Dragon Shield Ava's Assembler (Ava's Alerter + Vorkath's Head) Assembler Max Cape (Assembler + Max Cape) Dragon crossbow Vorkath's Head (1/50 - Guaranteed on 50th kill) Vorki (1/500 Drop Rate)
  11. Ryan

    Old kiln cape

    This is totally possible if we get the model.
  12. Thanks for bringing up these issues. A few of them I were unaware about. Especially the starving perk not working? I'll get cracking on these as soon as possible. As for the Dominion Tower gloves degrading all at the same time; the system is super old but I'm pretty sure your charges are stored on your account and not the item itself (similar to recoil ring in runescape). If you have any more questions just let me know.
  13. Ryan

    Im serious

  14. Ryan

    Beta Client v2.5

    Hey guys, so I'm pushing a new beta client to the download link. This will probably be our last beta client release before making it the main game's client. We've added a few new features since the last time. You can download the new client here. First off, we've changed the look and reduced the size of the bar at the top. As you can see, we've also added a tab for 'Links' and an 'FAQ'. We've also added a 'Change Server' function that will allow us to use multiple game worlds/servers in the future. This is not of full use right now and is mainly for the developers and staff team. Deadman is NOT a thing right now, by the way. Another cool feature we've added is left click for all combat NPCs in game. So you will no longer have to right click a monster if it's higher combat level than you.