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  1. kultakalle1

    Client Switch (Poll)

    its fine if we switch to old client, both clients works fine for me.
  2. kultakalle1

    Forum Update - Ranks

    what about promoter rank ? that rank who making videos or stream
  3. kultakalle1

    Wilderness Loot Crate Locations

    i like ur paint skills
  4. kultakalle1

    Beta Client v2.5

    Still no fps button FeelsBadMan
  5. kultakalle1

    Massive Giveaway!

  6. kultakalle1

    Non-Traditional Loot Rates

  7. kultakalle1

    taking ;;bank

  8. kultakalle1


    yea it's crystals, u didnt know it ? now u know
  9. kultakalle1

    New forum sig

    Very good singnature
  10. kultakalle1

    Group Ironman Mode

    not fan group ironman. but good content:) it will be ironmans alive again
  11. kultakalle1

    Account information in signature

    top kek
  12. kultakalle1

    Glacor at Corp!

    yea it's classic instance glitch what it's not 100% fixed yet
  13. kultakalle1


    u need to disable your antivirus sotware, then you download client. when you downlaoded client then you can active your antivirus sotware back Now you can play server. Client
  14. kultakalle1


    #1 SERVER PVMER - Will miss you and ur pvming skills
  15. kultakalle1

    10 Cosmatic boxes item loots

    i was thinking to donate cosmetic boxes, then fucked and donated 10 cosmetic boxes and got fire hat
  16. kultakalle1

    Patchnotes [7/09/2017]

    that original home on 718 and boring
  17. kultakalle1

    Stat Share OSRS

    My skiller
  18. kultakalle1

    20 Cosmatic boxes item loots

    Donated 20 cosmetic boxes and got another fire hat hope you enjoy video and loots
  19. kultakalle1

    Patchnotes [28/08/2017], Wilderness Loot Crates

    This loot crate make wildy alive.
  20. kultakalle1

    Armor adjustments poll

    ok make everything hard and casual people can't enjoy the game
  21. kultakalle1

    The Inferno Boss Glitched

    if this helps also it looks like classic instance bug
  22. kultakalle1

    Loot from 2000 Raids

    First Nice video