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    Iron Fears

    Iron Man goal to 2 of every item 50m+

    Goal to every item in-game 50m+ Armour Ancestral Robes Lich King Set Malevolent Kiteshield Malevolent Set Sirenic Set Tectonic Set Torva Set / (Legs currently) Pernix Set / (Top/Legs currently) Virtus Set / (Mask currently) Vanguard Set Divine Shield Elysian Shield Arcane Shield Mortality Shield Spectral Shield Ganodermic Set / (1 currently) Necromancer Set Battle-Mage Set Bandos Set / (Tasset currently) Armadyl Set / (Helm and Skirt currently) Vengeful Kiteshield Merciless Kiteshield New Crystal Shield / (1 currently) Ragefire Boots / (1 currently) Glaiven Boots / (1 currently) Steadfast Boots / (1 currently) Dragonfire Shield / (Completed) Weapons Ascension Crossbow (1 currently) Elder Maul Kodai Wand Twisted Bow Offhand Shadow Longsword Noxious Scythe Noxious Bow Noxious Staff Primal Kiteshield Primal Rapier Primal Spear Primal Longsword Primal Battleaxe Primal Maul Primal Two-Handed Drygore Rapier / (1 currently) Drygore Mace / (Completed) *2* Drygore Longsword / (1 currently) Ballista Frostmourne Armadyl Battlestaff / (1 currently) Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Bludgeon Dragon Claws Dragon Warhammer Zamorakian Hasta Zamorakian Spear / (1 currently) Staff of the Dead Doomcore Staff / (Completed) Staff of Light Royal c'bow Hexhunter bow Polypore Staff / (Completed) *2* Seercull New Crystal Bow Abbysal Whip / (Completed) Abyssal Vine Whip / (Completed) Bandos Godsword / (1 currently) Armadyl Godsword Saradomin Godsword Zamorakian Godsword Accessories Souls Amulet Salve Amulet Demon Horn Necklace / (1 currently) Range Amulet / (1 currently) Blood Necklace / (1 currently) Amulet of Fury / (1 currently) Amulet of Fury (or) Necklace of Anguish Amulet of Torture Third-Age Defender Dragon Defender / (Completed) *2* Tzhaar-kal / (1 currently) Tzhaar-kal-mej / (1 currently) Tzhaar-kal-xil / (1 currently) Clue Rewards Third-age Mage Set Third-age Range Set Third-age Melee Set Third-age Druidic Set Shadow Dye Third-age Dye Robin Set Ankou Set Zamorak Bow / (1 currently) Guthix Bow Saradomin Bow Miscellanious Red Partyhat Blue Partyhat Green Partyhat / (1 currently) Yellow Partyhat Purple Partyhat White Partyhat Red H'ween Mask Blue H'ween Mask Green H'ween Mask Sceptre of the Gods Keris / (Completed) *2* Balmung / (Completed) *2* Trickster Set Reward Book Ascension Shard 1 Ascension Shard 2 Ascension Shard 3 / Ascension Shard 4 / Scroll of Praise (Prayer Scroll) *If I have missed anything in my goals list please let me know (remember it's 50 million gp or more)* *Looking for a custom signature for my account pm me in-game* Picture updated regularly
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    Master cape worn effects

    I actually really like this idea.. I'll keep it in mind for future updates! Thanks.
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    change the client of the server for 718/861

    ive spoken with anton about this as i do have the 860 Source/khaled has the client anton said that wont be happening any time soon as theyre staying 718 love the suggestions but i know it will fail, Why>? well 860s have no old items looks and they need new animations which are so ugly and people hate it if you dont like 718s you came to the wrong place friend.
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    Tormented demon Guide

    This needs to be redone and turned into an actual guide. Lol.