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  2. want

    Buying Tbow

    Im offering 6.5B, divine(3B-4B), and a nox bow(1.5B-2B)
  3. ephixa

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    MBScape Display: Ephixa How long have you played MBScape for? 2014-2017 estimate screenie from 2016 but thats where i was super close to max.. Proof of account age:https://gyazo.com/2e9820c3f7108ed49defe86f46330f09 hope its enough..
  4. The_RL

    Farewell Mbscape...

    OOOOF no active admins idk what you mean >.>
  5. Minitoast

    Farewell Mbscape...

  6. want

    Farewell Mbscape...

    As much as it hurts to see the server in this condition... i wish i could keep playing, but the server is a ghost town.. I'm a veteran of the server, played for over 4 years, through system resets, bans, mutes, nerfs, but that never stopped me from playing because it was the best server I've ever played on. I met tons of people, and saw them progress so far and then never heard from them again, which is sad... the community was fun and atmosphere was amazing, but with no active admins, developers and advertisers, the server is in a terrible condition... maybe to a point of no return... To me it wasn't about maxing or being rich or reaching a destination, it was about the journey and the enjoy of playing the game. Just an advise from an old friend, please don't kill off MBscape... 😔 -Want-
  7. ult fact

    Feeling like an ironman account

    ultimate scape ezy
  8. artichop

    Zulrah boss guide :)

    Nice guide, feller
  9. iSkillAlot

    Skilling outfits & how to get them

    comfirming 1000 magic logs, golden mining suit now brought at lava mine
  10. GoldenAG

    Zulrah boss guide :)

    Zulrah is an easy boss, with very low requirements, and a nice drop table Here's two videos showing Zulrah kills, one with better mid game gear, and one with basic early game gear anyone can get their hands on quickly. First off, getting there. For legend's and above you can use ;;ldz and use the teleporter to get to the shrine. For nubs like myself, start at home and head to the fairy ring. Lexi is hanging around if you forget the code (bks?) Now, Kill the snake! When you enter the room turn on your mage boosting prayer, drink your antivenom, and run to the north east corner while maging the snake. The first phase in range, but he wont hit you, hes just spreading poison so dont waste prayer on overheads. After the poison is spread, the melee worm is going to come out. Keep on maging him and prepare to dodge the attack. As the attack charges, walk to the other corner (right next to you) and keep on maging. You'll have 2 attacks to dodge, then the red worm is going away. Switch your gear!, the mage form is about to come out, and you'll want to use range to dps it. This is the first time you're going to take damage if you haven't made any mistakes. Turn on your range boosting prayers, and protect from magic. I generally walk forward just so I'm in position for the later part of the rotation. During this phase you may take damage because Zulrah and also use a range attack. You'll be able to see the attack coming (a blue greenish spit thing) and it can hit pretty hard. I do not eat unless I'm sub 50 health because you have an opportunity to heal back up after this phase. The blue phases are short, so be ready to make your switch again. Back to green! As the blue worm hides, turn on protect from range and your mage boosting prayers, and start barraging the worm again. You can't take damage because he will not mage during his range form. If you are low health from the previous phase, here is the chance to heal. After 6 attacks, the green worm will start spewing poison and snakelings, right after the 6th attack you can turn on soulsplit to start healing up your lost hp. As soon as you turn on soulsplit you'll want to put on your recoil to kill the 1hp snakelings. Melee again. For this phase, barrage and soulsplit to top off your hp, and dodge his attacks the same as last. (With better gear this will usually be when you get your kills, if not the last ranged phase) As the melee goes away, you have another mage phase where you may tank some more range hits, but you should be full hp from the last 2 healing sessions. Range away, and even with bad gear you'll most likely get your kill on this phase. Green worm is coming back, but he's only going to hit you once, so pray range but switch to soulsplit after the first hit. You'll want to put your recoil on here again for the snakelings. Back to magic, be careful because snakeling damage and a few range hits can easily KO you at this point. Now you should have your kill! There are more phases after this, including the jad phases, but I believe if youre killing it slower than this you should get some higher dps because its not really worth killing any slower. A few things to point out that are key to Zulrah - 1. Remember the rotation !! It's always the same, and you can take damage you don't need to if you're not prepared for the next phase. 2. Your recoil! Its nice to have the ring switch of a more accurate (or drop boosting) ring, but the recoil is a must or the snakeling damage will add up. 3. Anti venom, poison sucks. I want to do guides like this for all the bosses of mbscape, I enjoy making it, and maybe it'll help someone. Thanks you all, Golden Videos - low level gear - Mid game gear -
  11. lesbihonest

    Client freeze/crash

    For the persons that uses Esc to close interfaces: I figured out sometimes while you press ascape to exit the bank the client freezes and sometimes even crashes. It would be nice that it gets fixed :)
  12. Tempah

    Feeling like an ironman account

    This was a 10/10 read would recommend
  13. gannen60

    equiping max cape first time.

    I equipped the max cape for the first time @prestige 1 and it seemed to null my account until I unequipped it. small insignificant bug but a bug nonetheless.
  14. gannen60

    more voting sites

    I hope for this server to thrive with new players like myself. all I did was search for an rsps and came upon this but I found 4 which I registered with before finding and sticking with this one. please allow us to vote for more sites. maybe allow others to do youtube videos or contact rsps video makers to promote the server. I would love this server to stay alive for a long time! fingers crossed it isn't going anywhere any time soon!
  15. Lexi


    If you have the same IP it will be easy for us to recover this for you :) let me get back to you on it.
  16. Sam


  17. life on x


    it wont let me recover my account life on x. doesnt show up in highscores either
  18. Dyale

    Task master refuses to give me my reward!

    Complete fightcaves its missing in hard
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI_psayXEzE I've literally just completed the elite achievements. But i'm not reciving any reward for it! :(
  20. U gotta come back now that i started again bro
  21. Iron Fears

    Iron Fears - Veteran Rank

    MBScape Display Name: Iron Fears How long have you played MBScape for? 1 1/2 years at least (left for about 5-6 months) Proof of account age (if applicable):
  22. ibez

    Apply For Veteran Rank

    i started in late 2016 made my forums account in 2017 sometime donated but stopped playing trying to start playing again
  23. Clean hippy

    To MBS - From Biznut

    Welcome back Biznut, don't think we really talked in the past but glad you're back.
  24. Biznut

    To MBS - From Biznut

    Appreciate it bro. It's good to see you're still around.
  25. iron crab

    To MBS - From Biznut

    It’s no big deal. I’m glad you’re back tho. Would of been nice to hear from you Atleast once a week or two but I’m glad you’re safe and everything is going well for you career wise.
  26. Biznut

    To MBS - From Biznut

    Hello MBS, For those who know me I want to bring attention to something, and address it formally. Yes, I did take a break for a good amount of time. I will not feed any excuses as to why, I will only state the real reason without boring you all with the finer details. I currently am the owner of a Commercial / Rig Cleaning Service. Prior to my temporary departure from MBS it was a 2 person show. My business partner and I. I am responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work such as Marketing, Advertising, Emails, Phone Calls, Contracts, Interviews, etc.. It wasn't until just recently we were able to get the tools and resources to make things a little more automated & free up some time for myself. For a year straight I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep trying to get things running smoothly again. We are at a point now where I can easily take time to myself every night and spend it with the MBS community again while also managing time for my family. I thought I had given proper heads up that I would be stepping out for some time at MBS but I guess it wasn't sufficient enough, and there is no excuses for that so I will say from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. MBS has always felt like a second family, I could come on and chat it up with a lot of my fellow players and have a hell of a time even through a computer screen! I will continue showing my support to the server and community as if I never took a break. I wish I could express how much you guys here mean to me and hopefully I can get back into full swing of things and start assisting the server as I did before. For all of those who knew me, missed me, or is mad that I took my break I just laid it all out on the table for you to see why and I am terribly sorry for not giving proper notice. I love you guys just as if I would irl friends because I've connected with a lot of you on personal levels. I hope to see you all in game soon and I hope you can find it somewhere in your hearts to forgive my absence. If you knew me, you knew my ultimate goal was to help this server succeed. ❤️ For those who do not know me, my name is Biznut. My pm's are always open, feel free to message me for any issues, help, concerns, or if you just wanna talk. I look forward to meeting all of you, and I look forward to being back in the game. Kind regards, Biznut
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