A client update is required to play MBScape!

  • Welcome to MBScape

    MBScape is the leading 718 RSPS since 2014. We have content ranging from Zulrah, Raids, and the Inferno - to Vorago, Nex, and Tormented Demons. If you enjoy a nice mix of Old School & Pre-Eoc, you've come to the right place.
  • Lastest Announcement

    The web store is currently running some sales for the month of May!
  • Lastest Content Update

    Today we've released 100% MANDATORY client update. Simply redownload the client as normal. Your old clients and any third-party client will no longer work after the next update. The new client will have full support for the porting of OSRS content to MBScape. This means any creature, boss, map, or emote that gets added to OSRS can be instantly moved over to our server.